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A Moment with Mother Mary (02/08/23)

Beloved sons and daughters of mine, I come to you in this moment as your mother, deeply in love with you, and wanting for you the very best that you desire and deserve. I ask you to open your hearts and your arms wide to my blessings, in this moment, here and now! And I ask you to Trust! Trust and Faith are the powerful qualities that you must cultivate. A lot of you are currently experiencing all the challenges brought up by the Full Moons. It is all perfectly understandable that you immediately go into fear and doubt, blaming yourselves for whatever is showing up for you. I ask you my beloved children of Love, to celebrate and be deeply grateful instead. Because these things are coming up for you to let them go.

Of course, some of you are dealing with the same issues that have plagued you for sometime. It is okay beloveds. It is your journey and in this situation, I ask you to Never tire of asking your Spirit Guides for help. Please continue to ask for help. And remember, when you ask your Spirit Guides, who maybe Your Ancestors, we are One! There is no separation in our intentions and aspirations to assist you succeed in your path. We are all in love with you.

Some of you still hold grudges against some of your ancestors because of how they treated you or people you know. Or they harmed a lot of communities, and you are now conscious of the injustices that they created, and you sometimes feel embarrassed to be who you are. I ask you beloveds to just hand over all the burdens of your Ancestral Lineages to me, Mother Mary, and to Mary Magdalene. We continue to work on healing everyone’s ancestral lineages. This is a project for us going back centuries, and if you like, back to the beginning of the creation of the planet Earth.

And when you have a moment, think of this project as helping you and your relatives. For Beloveds, we are all naturally connected. Think of the many mothers and fathers that you have had in various lifetimes, the sisters and brothers, the cousins. Then you died and then were reborn. Those who birthed you in different lifetimes, are all connected at some levels. They may have been your sisters or brothers in a different lifetime. Also may have been your grandparents, so forth, on and on. Therefore, what I am saying beloveds, you are all related. Naturally related.

Then came those who chose to create separation. To see the colours of your faces as a mark to be used for separation, and grading of humanity. The types of hairs and types of skins do not mean anything, in the biggest scheme of God, The Creator. It is the way the Creator experiences itself/herself/himself; playing in a vast garden of love creation. Because each and everyone of us are the children of the Creator/God.

And the absurdity of it all Beloveds, my son, The Beautiful Master Jesus, who was born a beautiful brown colour, as I am, naturally a brown born Being, was, over the years turned into a white being, in statues and In pictures. And this was deliberately done in order to perpetuate the separation between groups of people. And this division, still runs very deep in all of you. Those of you who feel that because of the colours of your skins, you are better than those of certain colours….

Beloveds, you were deliberately programmed and conditioned to think this way, just as those who feel less than, because of the colours of their skins and the types of hair that they have, were also programmed to feel less than, and not worthy.

Beloveds, the conditioning and programming has been going on for centuries. During our time in Palestine, women were conditioned and programmed to feel less than men and men were programmed and conditioned to feel more important than women. Mary Magdalene healed side by side with Master Jesus. However, to protect herself from being attacked and stoned to death, she had to make everyone who had been helped and healed by her, forget her face, and instead remember Master Jesus’s face, as the person who had healed her or him.

Why am I bringing all of this up? It is time you know the truth. That, I Mother Mary, come from a lineage of dark skinned family. The Holy Grail Family is NOT White as has been portrayed over the centuries. We are a mixture of browns and very dark skinned beings. Another reason I am telling you this, is because, the chaos that you are all experiencing, is wonderful in that, it is awakening most of you to the consciousness of Oneness! That we are not separate. The intention of the current chaos was to separate you more and more, however, this is not succeeding because all of you beloveds, you want something better! You want Love. And Love is your natural state of being. Love, peace, harmony, unity, are your natural states of being.

For those who will think that by me telling you that I was not born white, nor was my son, Master Jesus, is a way of appeasing this channel; I want to say to you, we were born and lived in Palestine. Think of the colours of people during those times/centuries! And we have then, over the years, appeared to people in the ways that they preferred to imagine and visualise us, in the ways of what they were programmed and conditioned to think.

Beloveds, what is very important now, is to Love yourselves as you are, knowing that those you see as strangers are your relatives, in truth, for as I have already said, we are all related by birth, as we keep on recycling from the same people/beings and just think of the mothers that you have had over many lifetimes, who have been your ancestors, sisters, cousins, friends and this huge family keeps on growing. And we were contained like animals after grazing during the day, being brought into enclosures, at night: and our enclosures were and are called countries!

Your love of self my beloved sons and daughters, is your true salvation.

And the judgements that you were deliberately taught in schools, the bases of deliberate indoctrination, of judgement, separation, skin colours, whose better and who not, basically, the places where Unworthiness in systematically implemented.

Wake up my sons and daughters. Even if this transmission does not sit well with you, I ask you, to give a chance to your pure soul. You’re pure Self/ OverSoul, who truly loves you and wants you to go back to the truth, your truth of who you are. Your Love of Self.

I love each and everyone of you my Beloved Beautiful Sons and Daughters.

Thank you Beloved Nomanono, for this moment.

I am Mother Mary. I thank you.

~ Mother Mary

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