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A Moment with Mother Earth, Lady Gaia (09/03/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls who grace my body and energy fields; I shower you in this moment with my never ending love. I have deep love for each and everyone of you. I accept each and everyone of you, as you play on my open fields! Doing whatever you feel and think is for your highest good, even when it is not.

I always hope, trust and know that at some point, you will have an inner awakening within. For even though you may collaborate with others, in your endeavours, ultimately, you are each on your own individual journey.

This is for you and your OverSoul. You see Beloveds, you decided what your journey was going to be, long before you were born. And you were very sure that your journey would lead you back to your Divine Self. To your GodSelf, if you wish. You also chose to be a great example of being in Union with your GodSelf and the deep love that you innately are.

The love that respects others and chooses Oneness, Unity and Togetherness. And fully aware that being in Oneness still allows you to be you, loving yourself and loving others and basically going home to You; Yourself by accepting all that you are and accepting all that others are, without judgement. For this is where your truth is! Your power is! Being the shining beacon of Love for yourself and the world!

Cultivate gratitude, and joy Beloveds. These energies are of high vibrations, which help you leave fear behind!

For centuries, fear has been with all of you. And fear is continuing to be used to control all of you by a few individuals who have, through their own fears and greed, decided to control all of you. Beloveds, please, focus on things that make you happy, joyful, grateful! In this way, you are helping yourself to Not be affected by whatever fear is fearfully thrown at you!

I love you Beloveds. Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

I am Mother Earth. Lady Gaia.

~ Mother Earth. Lady Gaia.

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