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A Moment with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia/Lady Gaia (26/10/22)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, wonderful children of mine! I bring to you my love, with all of my heart and soul. I said I will be back, and here I am. I Love You! Know this! My love for you is unconditional. And I will keep on coming back, now and again.

Right now you are going through a very tough time, here in my physical belly/space, with a lot of chaos around you, however, I ask you to Not go into fear, no matter what you hear, or see! Instead, find something else to focus your mind on, music or anything that helps you find calmness and balance within you. Do not listen or watch scary movies if you get easily frightened. The energies of whatever you are watching, say with you, and they then attract to you, situations that are going to frighten you. You are here because you are the Earth’s Love Warriors! You chose to be here. You still choosing to be here, and I applaud you my Beloved children.

You see, you have an enlightened Soul already. You just chose to come back again into this lifetime, to experience a bit of unconsciousness and a bit of struggles, here and there, to test yourself on how powerful you truly are! And you are VERY Powerful! You are truly, more than what you have believed, that you are not good enough, so and so is better than you because of such and such! Beloved, no one is better than you, nor are you better than anyone else. You are all equal. You all have individual, specific tasks you choose to accomplish, because of your specific capabilities.

You are not separate from one another. It is all an untruth and an illusion that you are separate, for if you were to find out, about your past lifetimes, that you don’t remember, an I, Mother Earth, have privilege of knowing each and everyone of you, intimately, you would laugh with great joy and satisfaction, in knowing that you are all connected, as huge family members, distant relatives that you have been with at various times. It is just that when you were born you forgot all that you knew. But as the time goes on, there will come a time when you will remember all your past lifetimes, and in fact, some of you already know and have experienced incidents, where, children have been born knowing who they were in the previous like, without having gone through a past life regression, or akashic records reading.

Why am I telling you this? It is because I Love you and I want you to Love one another. You are a family. It doesn’t matter what country you come from, it doesn’t matter what colour you are associating yourself with, in this moment. It doesn’t matter what gender you are in this moment. Please stop hating this and that. Even the hating of spiders and slugs. This lowers your love energy. Or what some refer to as your frequency or vibration. I am just being basic and simple. Your love energy is the key to your happiness, and success in whatever you are doing and creating. And this is what you were born with and as, Love!

Emanate that love. Spread that joy. Feel that appreciation. When you see a stranger in a different colour, think of the possibility that, that’s your uncle or grandmother in your other past lives. Just Love! This is who you are! You are Love my Beloved children. And you are so powerful and expansive! Step into the vastness or bigness of who truly are! The vastness of the love, compassion, caring, kindness, appreciation that you are capable of, because this makes you feel so elevated and powerful in all that you truly are. Stay away from negative judgement of others and negative judgement of yourself.

Go out there, with your head held up high, loving an appreciating yourself, first and foremost! And appreciating everyone you meet, for that person is your mirror and contributor to your very existence. You may not know what they do. And yet, whether they are road cleaners, they are indirectly helping enhance your life.

I love each and everyone of you. I am truly your Mother! Thank you my child Nomanono, for this moment.

~ Mother Earth/Goddss Gaia/Lady Gaia

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