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A Moment with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia - Lady Gaia (09/10/22)

Beautiful Souls who occupy my beautiful belly, I love you. I love you all. Each and everyone of you. I don’t judge you. To me you are equal in every way. The Creator/God and I, are in Unison. We are the holders of each and everyone of you, weaving through your energies, connecting you to one another, and yet letting you also have the illusion of being individuals, on your own!

You are never on your own Beloved Beautiful Ones. We are always with you, doing our very best, together with your Souls/Inner Beings/Superconscious Selves/Divine Selves; to gently prise you out of unconsciousness that, some of you, have become so addicted to. Sometimes we laugh, because we know how blinded you are to your own magnificence! You are such beautiful beings of love, that you don’t see, yet. You judge yourselves as being less than. You compare and compete!

Beloveds, please do not waste your energy on comparison. Each and everyone is unique. You are special in your own individuality. You each contribute to each other’s success and failures. It is all good. It is a matter of accepting where you are, and intending to do better.

If you find yourself judging someone else’s creativity and contributions into this world, as not good enough for you, then look deep within you; ask yourself if you are jealous of that person’s abilities and skills, ask what it is, that your reaction about that person, is showing you about you?

Beloveds, while you cannot resonate with everyone and everything, please, send your love to them, not your bitterness and judgemental energies. For what you send out, comes back to you, at some point.

I am here to tell you that you each have great potential. You each came here with high intentions. You each came here with deep love. Yes, you knew that there would be time to be unconscious, and you knew that you would rise above your unconsciousness. This is the time Beloveds. This is your time to rise above all your lower thoughts, the judgemental thoughts, the discriminational thoughts.

You are capable of loving, truly loving with your forgiveness, all those you know and feel need your forgiveness, and also forgiving yourself for the hard times you have spent focusing on what is occurring outside of you; in order for you to be free within, and move forward to being the truly loving being that you came here as. Forgiveness of all that does not serve you, frees your Soul to guide you to the beauty that you are. To create the amazing life you intended, in the first place.

Beloveds, I, Mother Earth, am not broken. I have never been broken and I will never be broken. All that is happening is some of you creating and doing things that others judge as breaking and damaging Mother Earth. Well, to me as your Mother Earth, I see all as part of my children finding out about themselves. Their strengths and weaknesses. Their Love and Compassion. About who they are. I watch with amusement, filled with joy at the creativity that is so diverse, on this planet. It is all part of growing up and learning to rise above lower thoughts and lower practices, in order to come back to Love.

I love you all Beautiful Children of the Earth. You are Me. I Am You. I embrace you with my eternal love.

I thank you Beautiful Soul, Nomanono, for this moment. I promise, I will be back at some point.

~Mother Earth/Goddess Gaia/Lady Gaia

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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