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A Moment with Master Yeshua/Jesus (28/10/22)

Beloved Beings of Love, I come to you with an offer of my services to you in this moment, which I feel are very valuable, if you choose to accept, and receive with your heart and open arms.

We, in The Spirit world, The Quantum Field, The Void, where ALL beings reside including God/The Creator; are very aware of what you have gone through, and some of you have not had a choice but to go ahead and get the vaccines, because you needed to work, or travel.

My offer to you is:

Ask me, Master Yeshua/Jesus, with your true honest feelings, to cleanse, clear and purify your body of all toxins that were injected into your body. Ask me daily and know that I am doing this for you.

You can also ask on behalf of your loved ones, for me to do this cleansing, clearing and purification. It doesn’t matter how many boosters they have had, or continue to have. Just ask me, if you truly care for those people. And know that, because you have already said yes, for yourself; I Master Yeshua will take it on trust of the Creator to help all God’s/The Creator’s beloved children.

And please don’t judge them, for you too, have many limitations, that you are not aware of.

ANOTHER thing that I ask you, and reminding those of you, who already do this, is to make an intention of how you want to be, on that particular day.

For those of you who have not done this as a daily morning routine; this is what you do:

Decide how you want to be and feel that day, do you want to feel and be in a state of ease and flow as you go about your day? That things work out easily? Do you want to feel and be in peace? Do you want to be and feel joy? Do you want to be and feel happy? There are lots of ways of being, that you can choose, every day, and see and feel what happens in your life and reality.

Thank you Beloved Nomanono for this precious moment.

I love you all deeply. I am Master Yeshua/Jesus

~ Master Yeshua/Jesus

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