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A Moment with Master Yeshua/Jesus (09/08/23)

Beloved beautiful souls, my brothers and sisters, my friends who have been with me in many of our lifetimes. Yes, I mean what I say. Some of you walked the earth with me, were my teachers and friends. Most of you are very ancient. You walked the earth with me before I incarnated as the one that the world knows of. Yes, we go a very long time back with you. In various places of the earth, as various tribes, races, if you wish. And as different genders.

We have had both good and not so good experiences. In spite of all that, we remained resolute in our efforts to improve our lives, in whatever life time we were in.

In this moment, I come to you to just have fun with you, in ways that can assist you as well as assist me, for we are always linked in each and every moment. We are not separate. When you experience something that is not pleasant, I, Master Yeshua, Am with you and feel your feelings, but not in the way that is hurtful to me, for I have trained myself to rise above these; what I have is the understanding, the awareness and the knowing of that which you are experiencing.

In this moment, I ask you to play a game with me; that will assist us uplift ourselves, in the ways that are appropriate for each one of us, for not everyone experiences the same thing in the same way. However, let us give it a go:

Let us imagine that we are waking up first thing in the morning and what we see, immediately, are sun rays shining brightly and beautifully on to our sleeping space. And we jump up with so much joy feeling in our hearts, happy and shouting out loud….

“I am alive! Thank you Father, Mother Sun for loving me. For greeting me with your beautiful rays! Thank you, Mother, Father Sun, for reminding me that even though, I didn’t see you in my sleep, for it was night, you never left me. Your energies were with me, soothing me gently into my deep rest that is my night time. Your consciousness was with me, even though I wasn’t aware of this.

“Thank you Father, Mother Sun, for the peace that you bring to me, that says All is Well and All My Troubles are Now Resolved! Thank you for taking them all from me, everything that is troubling me, now, yesterday, in the far past, tomorrow and in the future!

“Thank you Mother, Father Sun, for being the bright star, deep furnace, that I throw into, all that doesn’t serve me, at anytime, memories that are not pleasant and pop into my mind! I easily and happily direct these to you, and as I do this, I am deeply grateful, deeply happy that you are there for me, at all times, as my own personal saviour, who I see everyday!

“And when the clouds and rain are all that I see, you are there, behind the clouds and the rain, smiling as always, and asking me to remember you, to hand over to you all that is troubling me, and instead, enjoy the peace that is coming to me in every moment, from you, Father, Mother Sun plus from all your Loving Spirit Warriors who we call Angels, Ascended Masters, or Spirit Benevolent Beings.

“Thank you, Mother Father Sun, for in this moment, I am inspired, and choose to hand over everything that does not please me, into your big belly of fire, for you to deal with, and leaving me at Peace and in Peace. Peace that All is resolved. Peace that the material situations, desires and wishes, are moving towards perfect completion.”

I love each and everyone of you my beautiful friends, brothers and sisters. May my peace, the peace of the angels, the peace of all the ascended masters and all Spirit Benevolent Beings, be with you now, and always.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment, and please continue to enjoy the peace flowing to you in each moment.

I am Master Jesus/Yeshua. I thank you.

~ Master Yeshua/Jesus

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