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A Moment with Master Yeshua and Mary Magdalene (25/08/22)

Beloved Beings of Love and Light, we come to you in Love and Oneness. We are here to remind you that You are more powerful than you think you are. You are also more powerful as Oneness, than Light!

As Oneness, you come together as One Love, without separation, at the same time as Individuated Beings of Love.

You see Beloveds, when you choose to focus on Oneness, you include All Beings on Earth as well as Beings in The Inner Planes, including The Creator/God; that You are already. God/Creator is already Inside of You as well as outside of You! You Are Us, We Are You! The Creator/God Is Us and You! We Are One, and yet we, and you, continue on your individual, personal journeys, for Awakening and Ascension.

What is awakening? It is becoming aware of things and situations that you were not consciously aware of, and at that point you decide to see, and think differently, in a way that is benevolent to you personally and to the human collective.

What is ascension? It is definitely Not going somewhere else, but a process of consciously focusing on how you are thinking, feeling and being, at all your given moments; thereby helping yourself to reach elevated states of consciousness. Through uplifting yourself.

The process of ascension is not that easy, it’s something that you, as an individual, have to choose to embark on. You have to want to change, your inner self for better. For example, take one scenario at a time, as you cannot change everything overnight; however, with Your Intention for change: let’s say that you want to stop your negative judgement of a neighbour, for whatever reason. By the very fact that you make that Intention, you have already shifted your energies, your vibrations. Then you have to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings about your negative judgement of the neighbour, there must be something good that your neighbour has done or something good that you appreciate about her/him. Focus on the good things about your neighbour and feel happy, hug yourself for seeing and recognising something good about her/him. Feel good about yourself, for this change you are creating.

What you are doing, Beloveds, is not for your neighbour, it’s for You! You are changing and rising above the old ways of thinking and feeling. This is a small step to your ascension. Rising above what is and Raising your vibrations. Elevating your own energies. For Beloveds, your personal energies are the ones that attract all that you label as good and bad things happening in your life and reality.

The Quantum Field, Spirit, The Void, The Zero Point, The Vortex, Existence, Heaven if you like, which is always around you, here on Earth, brings to you all experiences based on what you vibrate!

What you emanate, is what you receive back, in terms of your life experiences. This is why we say: what you focus on, you create! The Law Of Attraction! What you focus on, you attract to your reality.

It is an exciting time on Earth at this time. Our intention is for everyone, at their own personal, rightful time, to shift onto a better way of vibrating. As you continue to rise above trivial lower ways of thinking about people in your lives, families, friends, and instead, accepting who they are and cultivating Unconditional Love, within yourself, you will help the Human Morphic Field. And Planet Earth, will rise to an enlightened state. This may not be in your current lifetimes, Beloveds; however you will be back here, enjoying what you are planting, seeding now. And we will still be with you, Beloveds.

We Love You. We Thank You. And Thank You Nomanono, for this moment.

~ Mary Magdalene and Master Yeshua.

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