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A Moment with Master Yeshua (25/11/22)

Beloved Beautiful Beings, I come with my most profound, precious, deep love for each and everyone of you. My love, is forever flowing, open to be received, open to help touch your heart, however much you think that you are unlovable. Beloved, thinking and feeling that you are unlovable, is a lie that you have told yourself, many times over. It is Not your truth. It is Not Who You Are! You are a Divine Soul. You were born as a Divine Soul, and You Will Always Be a Divine Soul!

Being a divine being, is not for special individuals. It is for everyone who is here, however much you don’t like or like that person. The Creator/God loves you the same, as She/He/It Loves Me, Master Yeshua. All that you just need do, be, is accept that you are divine, and everyone around you, is divine. It doesn’t matter whether that person is viewed by you and everyone else, as bad or good, the truth is, that person has also a divine soul, just like you.

What does it mean to have a divine soul? It means that, you and me, before we came to be born into the earth, the Creator/God infused us with Who the Creator/God Is! The love and all the energies that the Creator/God Is! Which therefore means, each and everyone of you, walking the earth and those on the inner planes are the extension of The Creator/God. The Love God/The Creator Is, is who you are. That’s your foundation.

All that you need is acceptance of yourself as the Divine Soul that you are, and know that, the Creator is within you and within everyone, and start to love yourself. Love yourself Beloved, just like the Creator loves you and me. And also know that, we are each part of the Creator, so I, Master Yeshua, am within you too.

We are a huge network of Love. We are a part of one another! As you love yourself just as you are, you are loving, the Creator/God, and Loving, all the Spirit Guides that you love. Your Ancestors that you love. And this huge network of Love, then becomes our Oneness! We are One. And yet, individuals, walking on our journeys of remembering, who we truly are. Coming back to the Love that we innately are!

When I say, love yourself as you are, I mean love yourself as you are! With the pimple on your face that you don’t like. Or anything that you judge as not perfect. For, by judging yourself as imperfect, you are judging me, Master Yeshua, the Creator/God and all the beings who love you, as Not good enough. You are rejecting the Love that you innately are! Love Yourself, Beloved, just as you are!

I love each and everyone of you and thank you for being with me in this moment.

And thank you Nomanono for allowing me to be here in this moment.

I am Master Yeshua.

~ Master Yeshua

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