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A Moment with Master Yeshua (17/08/22)

Beloveds, Here I am celebrating and very grateful to be in your energies, showering you with my New Vibrations of Love. Please allow yourself to receive my love. Breathe in My Love. I come to you in celebration of your life. Your presence. Your existence. For choosing to be here in this exciting time. Many ask: why is God/The Creator Not Helping them out, from all the struggles, hardships and suffering in this chaotic time? Know this Beloveds: The Creator Loves you unconditionally. The Creator/God gave you choices. And it is in those choices where the Creator/God supports you in every moment of your day. The Creator/God, supports you in All Your Creations! The Creator/God is the amplifier and magnifier; the fuel of All your thoughts, and your feelings. Beloveds, know this: what you focus on, you create. When you focus on things that make you happy, you then bring more happiness to your experiences. On joy, you bring more joy to your experiences. Gratitude is the quality you are best focusing on, from your heart. It will serve you with receptivity to all that you seek. I say to you Beloveds: please also know this and take it in: I did not die for your sins. For centuries you have believed a lie that was created in order to keep you in fear, in shame and guilt! Under control! I know that there are those who will be in shock, and yet, this is my Truth! AND: There is no hell created by The Creator! You All Create your little hells, plenty of them, here on Earth, through what you focus on and subsequently experience. I ask you beloveds, to focus on beauty, cultivate beauty around you. Cultivate Self Love and Empathy. Cultivate Freedom within you. For Beloveds, every quality you seek, is already within you. You are a multitude of layers, and layers, of God’s/Creator’s amazing qualities. All you require, is to just step into the energy, within you, that you seek. Breathe it in and make an intention to embody it! You may see this energy as a colour or feel it. And please, make Joy, Happiness, Celebration, Gratitude, Wonder, Laughter, Bliss, your priority, and be observant, watch how your life changes for the very best! Gratitude: there is so much to be grateful for in your lives. Little things to appreciate as you walk in your neighbourhood. Things that don’t need you to have money! And the very fact that you are alive, breathing, in this moment; celebrate, sing, dance, and anything that is going to attract joyfulness in your reality, instead of pain, struggles and hardships! I Love You! Thank You! It is I, Master Yeshua/Jesus/Jesus The Nazarene/Sananda. ~ Master Yeshua

A Moment with Grandmother Anna (22/05/24)

Beloved beautiful souls, I, grandmother Anna, come to you with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. Showering you with an ever flowing love stream, from my heart and all my being. Some of you

A Moment with Mother Mary (17/05/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I come to you in this moment, with my deepest love for each and everyone of you. I shower you with my deepest compassion and my deepest peace. It is time to nurture you as you


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