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A Moment with Master Yeshua (13/03/24)

Beloved brothers and sisters. I come to you in this moment, to thank you for your love and for your continued striving for the best future for you and your loved ones. I thank you for your courage in very challenging times. I thank you for being the warriors of love, and taking care of yourselves with love and compassion. I thank you for hearing the call to love yourselves, first and foremost. I thank you for doing your very best to remember that you are the truth of Love that can never be taken away from you.

However much you have suffered and struggled with many challenges, always remember that you are Love, even when you don’t feel the love within you, because your mind and feelings are clouded by feelings of separation and illusions; remember, you are love; on a journey at this very moment, to making your way home, to your heart, where love, your love is.

Beloveds, it is the way here on planet Earth, that you incarnate, then forget who you truly are, in order to then start again, on the journey of remembering. It is a game that everyone goes through in order to go back to the True Love of their Higher Self/GodSelf/GodSource/Soul; within you that is always guiding you.

And the funny part of this; is that you and your HigherSelf create all the plans and intentions of what you wish to focus on when you are born. But then, you get faced with many challenges; starting with the programming from your immediate environment, in particular your own family, and most of you completely forget about You! The You that planned your life and all the intentions of what you were going to focus on! You basically forget everything, in order to then start again, shedding the layers of unconsciousness. I am here, rooting for you, telling you that you are, in these challenging times, doing a great job of choosing to rise and not to sink in the waves of despair and darkness.

I ask you to call on me whenever you’re in a situation that looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a light, Beloveds. It is only Fear that makes it so damn hard for some of you, to think straight, even just with simple things that are around you. I will also, at this moment, in order to address moments of stress, and fear, reiterate what has already been said, about Breathing Slowly And Deeply. This is very important, in order to counter/relieve the immediate negative reaction of fast/quick breathing, which adds more fear, anxiety to your body, brain, and mind mechanisms.

Those of you who are blessed with having no issues to be concerned about, I applaud you and thank you for the work you have already accomplished for yourselves. I ask you though to be patient with us who keep repeating and reminding some of you, of these simple things to do, to help yourselves, in order to get out of simple sticky situations. These challenges do take a lot of energy from those experiencing them. So, I am choosing in this moment, to embrace all those who are in need of assistance from the invisible world of Love, and shower you with my energy of Compassion and Love and Peace. Receive with your open heart. Even if you feel that your heart is closed at this moment, it is okay, for deep within you, there is a yearning for your heart to open. And some of you have had this experience for some time; caused by traumatic experiences. These too are going away beloveds, at an appropriate time for each of you.

I will give you an example of this one, Nomanono, who for a very long time, knew with certainty that she had closed her heart. She wondered if it will ever open again. She deeply yearned for it to open. And also knew what had happened in her experiences that had led her to close her heart. And she didn’t know what to do. And she continued to ask us, praying for help for her heart to be opened. It did not open up for some time. And she didn’t give up asking.

Slowly, her thoughts, started to change about what she had been focusing on, energising the painful events. When she didn’t focus much on the pain of her experiences, she gradually began to experience shifts that gently and slowly melted the heavy lid, or what had felt very heavy for her around her heart chakra.

I am giving you this example because, Nomanono didn’t not stop talking to us. And talking to any of us is not that easy especially when you are in the thick of struggles, suffering and at times, physically in pain, or heartache. We do not verbally answer you when you are in such pain, but because you are asking for help, we surround you and embrace you in our Pure Love and that also does not help you instantly if you are in a state where your whole body and energy bodies are filled with fear. It takes our pure love some time to yield the required results. And there are those who ask when their energy fields are not as closely tied, that they immediately feel relief in a form of peace and a feeling of being supported.

So, please beloveds, if you don’t get immediate and instant relief, continue to keep talking and asking us. We hear you. We are always around you. At some point your energy bodies will allow you to feel the relief and help that you require.

I love each and everyone of you deeply.

Thank you Nomanono for this opportunity.

I am, Master Yeshua. I thank you.

~ Master Yeshua

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