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A Moment with Master Yeshua (12/10/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, my brothers and sisters in the Love of The Creator, your God and my God.

I, Master Yeshua, come to you in this moment, pouring and showering you with my love. My pure Love and My pure Compassion. All that I Am.

I am pleased that many of you are changing the tide. You are the love warriors. You are amazing. You are powerful. You want something far better than you have had. You have and are seeing through the illusions and you are saying, no to the old, and your power is yours. You are no longer letting anyone and anything make you feel less than.

Within most of you, there is this constant joy of the new world that is a free world, not the new world dictated to you or imposed on you.

A new world filled with love for each and everyone. A new world that doesn’t have homelessness. A new world that is full of abundance for all living souls. A new world of Love.

A new world that no longer has wars. A new world that everyone who has had conflicts, come together in acknowledgment that they are one. That the wars were man made. Wars that everyone realises that they were and are deliberately created, in order to keep the separation as well as the financial wealth that is maintained by the building of weapons, creating wealth for the few.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, do not let the old conditioning and programming blind you and frighten you. You have come this way, a long way from being deceived. Beloved brothers and sisters, there is never a good fight in wars. Wars are horrible for everyone on the ground, fighting.

They are good and lucrative for those manufacturing weapons. You are also seeing through the psychological war that you are currently living. I say to you, with my deepest love, focus on rising above the fear. Focus on what pleases you. What makes your heart and soul sparkle with love and joy. What makes you feel deep gratitude in every moment.

Remember that the darkest moments are always before dawn. You are living in these moments, my dear brothers and sisters. And you are called to see the illusions; and keep on working on your individual selves, with your love for you, your neighbour, your community.

You have been separated for a very long time, and fortunately you are seeing through this illusion. You are strong and you are letting your inner peace come into your being. Yes, inner peace is the key, when all around you is chaotic, because then, that indicates the Master that you are!

I love each and everyone of you with All that I Am.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment.

I am Master Yeshua. I thank you.

~ Master Yeshua

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