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A Moment with Master Yeshua (06/12/23)

Thank you beloved Nomanono for this precious moment. I come with my deepest love and respect for all of you, walking the path of your wonderful varied journeys. You are all so very deeply loved. The love currently pouring into the planet and to each and everyone of you is beautiful beyond my words. It is a beautiful time even though for some of you, all you see are challenges. Beloveds, the challenges are temporary in order for you to release them and let them go.

How do you do that, I hear some people asking. You sit with them. Do not ignore them. Face them with your compassion for yourself. Your self love. The tenderness that is within you. While this is easier said than done, it is possible and doable. Start by asking yourself what it is that you are grateful for in the challenge that you are experiencing. What is the challenge showing you about yourself? What can you do in this moment, in the midst of it all; then just observe your thoughts for a while. And ask yourself again what you are grateful for in that moment. This time don’t wait for any answer, but just be grateful. Feel the gratitude that comes from deep within you! If you are not able to feel any gratitude, you can call on me, Master Yeshua to hold you in my love, while you are wishing to feel gratitude for the challenge or challenges you are facing. You can just keep saying “Thank you” even if it feels false, keep saying this until there is a shift in you. Where you feel something different and as you continue, and feel that your gratitude does not feel false anymore, you mean it, for whatever challenges; and as you continue with your “Thank you” you will gently and slowly feel that your gratitude is slowly making you feel joyful.

And as you again, and again say “Thank You” you will automatically feel deep joy. Your challenge will not feel so much of a challenge, but a pathway or stepping stone to your joy and knowing of what a beautiful lesson each challenge brings, in order to elevate yourself. You will easily think and find ways of going about what you thought was a challenge. Things will become easier and more clearer. Every challenge leads to elevation and achievement of something even better than what you expected.

Now, I, Master Jesus, wish to address something else that is very important for each and everyone of you. When you are wishing and desiring to create something that is very important and special for you, there are moments when doubts and fears creep into your mind. And at this moment, because the dimension you are in, is one of polarity; meaning that, there is always the opposite of what you desire and feel. There is, without you even doing anything to attract that opposite, it is just what polarity is.

So, I suggest that you continue focusing on gratitude for everything that shows up in your experience, be grateful for what is yet to come, until you reach a point where you have the Inner Knowing, inner feeling, of how what you are desiring and creating is going to work out. And you will at this point also have insights that direct you to clearly know, and to the understanding within yourself, how everything is unfolding for you.

And continue with your gratitude knowing that yes, you are on the verge of physically manifesting your desire/wish. This Knowing becomes stronger and stronger without anymore fear, anymore doubts. You know what you know, within you, without anyone else telling you. You just know. So Beloveds, gratitude and deep trust are the keys.

With trust, no one, even I, Master Yeshua, cannot tell you how to trust. That is up to you and your Higher Self/SuperConsciousness/Inner Being/Soul.

I love each and everyone of you deeply.

I am Master Yeshua. I Thank You.

~ Master Yeshua

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