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A Moment with Master Yeshua (04/04/24)

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Beautiful Souls of Mother Earth. I, Yeshua/ Jesus, come to you in this moment, with my deepest LOVE for each and everyone of you. We have reached a point in human evolution, that I didn’t think would happen this quickly. It is all because of all of you, Beloveds. The whole credit must go to each and everyone of you who has chosen to be the change for the better.

This one, Nomanono, witnessed, in the Stargate Home, in Mt Shasta, the upgrade of the entire Stargate Grid, for the whole planet! It was the very best moment for me, Yeshua, to be present and to flood, shower the Stargate Grid Consciousness with LOVE, in 2024! The Christ Consciousness that I came here to do, all those years ago. Has now been flooded into the planet’s Stargate Grid Consciousness for all of humanity.

The time is now. Love has to win. Love is all that matters. Love is all there is. The fears, have been deliberately created in order to keep everyone a slave to the masters of darkness. Masters of separation. However, the layers of those old onions are beautifully and gently peeling away. LOVE is here to stay and expand more and more. You are on the rise to a beautiful vibration that is going to show you who you truly are. The love that you were born with. Letting go of the fears that you have carried and kept repeating, life time after lifetime. There are so many beautiful changes that are in process, because of many, many groups of Loving Beings here on the Earth plane. Not just the Alcazar Group of Universal Masters, who Nomanono, is linked with. But many beings who wish for the same things that the Universal Masters wish for. We, as the Alcazar Group of Universal Masters, have walked the Earth at various times in our many lifetimes, until we reached a point of enlightenment. We therefore, understand the ways of the enslavement that has been here on Earth for many centuries. Long before I was born as Mother Mary’s son, there were the dark forces. It’s taken this long to get to the point of really knowing that now, this beautiful planet, earth, is being transformed into something beautiful and special, that the darkness is definitely on its way out.

This therefore means that you still must be vigilant in your personal observations and awareness of your thoughts and feelings. You still have to be mindful of what you are saying, thinking. You still have to be aware of your judgements and ask your Higher Self to help you release these thoughts and feelings that do not serve you. Remember that Love, Loves and doesn’t judge. Once you start judging, know that you are in the old energies, and ask your Higher Self, or call upon Me, Master Yeshua, to assist you to stop judging. Or call on any Spirit Guide of your choice that you feel comfortable talking to. And then, listen to our guidance.

Many times we have observed people asking for help, and then Not listening or feeling our guidance as they are so busy focusing on things that do not serve them. Your thoughts helping you to stay where you are, instead of moving on to a better wavelength/radio frequency that is for your highest good.

Be very aware of where you are in your thoughts and feelings, and keep choosing something that serves you, and it’s for your highest good. The more you focus on this, it will become a lot easier, as you gently remember that you are LOVE, thereby giving yourself the opportunity to vibrate and function as LOVE that you were born as, when you first came out of your Mother’s Womb!

I Love each and everyone of you.

Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful opportunity.

I am Master Yeshua/Jesus. I thank you.

~ Master Yeshua/Jesus

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