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A Moment with Master Serapis Bey (18/10/23)

Beloved Nomanono, thank you for this moment which gives me an opportunity to say: Thank You Beloved Beings of the Earth. Thank you for choosing Love! Yes your desires and prayers are heard. And thank you to All those who made it to my home ground, Egypt, with an intention to change the planet’s timeline! And those who supported this mission from a distance. You all helped and created changes and activations that are all for humanity.

And in this moment I am very excited, happy to confirm that all those who physically were in Kos Island, last week (in this NOW moment) and those who supported from a distance, have indeed changed the timeline of planet Earth. Everyone on Earth now is walking and living as a new aspect of self, even when they are not aware of this.

There is no need for everyone to be aware of the timeline changes. It is moving forward, whether you are aware or not, because activations happened in both Egypt and in Kos Island. The time was! It is! NOW! All the light workers of the planet, contributed to what just happened, a new beginning for this beautiful planet, that we have walked on, experiencing the challenges, that we chose to experience in School Earth.

We are continuing to celebrate your new beginnings, your courage, your determination to live in Oneness. While we are very excited, we must emphasise that you have the right to choose again, and again, when you experience moments that take you back to the old you! Moments that do not give you peace but want you to remain in painful memories and contemplations.

I, Serapis Bey say to you: Choose what makes you feel good! Choose your new Aspect of You! You are now in a new Timeline for the planet! The new timeline is with you and is You, Now! Yes, it has started to bring up all sorts of issues that do not serve you. Accept what you are going through, and celebrate as you are releasing and integrating the new energies for the new aspects of You!

Choose your New Aspect! Leave the old you behind. Just keep choosing your new you; because when you do, you feel the love, you feel the peace, you feel the joy, you feel the excitement; not necessarily knowing why you are excited! The new You is here to take you to places you have never been in this lifetime. And this you experience through your choices. Choosing again is like stepping onto a step that embraces your energies, beautifully, hugging you in Love!

Most of you have spoken of 5D without really understanding or knowing how to get there. I, Serapis Bey, Am Now telling you what some already know, but my intention is to tell others who didn’t know, about this activation for all of humanity! Whenever you choose something better, you are stepping into your 5D, where there is only Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Celebration, Oneness and as you continue this choice, you are embodying it, becoming it.

Master Yeshua said not so long ago, there is no need for hard work anymore. This is very true. What you need now, is observe in every moment where you are, and choose again. Your old self is going to do all its best to keep you down, on low energies. No! Do not allow your old self to win! Choose again.

When the frustration shows up, anger shows up, judgements show up, choose again! “I choose my New Aspect of Myself, in My New World,” keep telling yourself. And in a short space of time you will feel the difference within you. The internal conflicts will dissipate and you will feel peace. Peace is what you want to experience. Once you continuously feel peace, amongst the chaos, you can then spread and pray for your peace to touch all others who are experiencing internal conflicts.

Beloved Souls, it is Always about your individual selves. The world is always a reflection of what is within us all. However, none of us came with the knowledge that we were mirrors of our world. We had to learn the hard way. So, I, Serapis Bey, today, in this moment, am also speaking on behalf of all Ascended Masters, and The Galactic Beings who have gone through the same challenges, during their time of awakening and ascension. Everything you want in order to change yourself; to leave the internal struggles, hardships and conflicts, is already within you, Beautiful Souls.

I am here to remind you. You have already done this in other planets and universes. You are the Masters who chose amnesia, in order to start afresh, paving ways for your future generations as well as your future selves!

I love each and everyone of you! You can call upon me, Serapis Bey, wherever you experience an old energy bringing you down, especially in a continuous loop that you know, doesn’t serve you and doesn’t give you peace. Call on me to help bring to you, the new Energies that have been activated for your new Aspect in your new 5D New World! In the meantime: Be Love. Be Joy.  Be Happiness. Be Peace. Be Celebration. Be Gratitude 🙏🏽.

I Am Serapis Bey and I thank you.

~Serapis Bey

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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