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A Moment with Master Serapis Bey (02/06/23)

Beautiful Souls of the Earth, I come to you with my love for each and everyone of you. Deeply touched by what you are all doing, the best of you that is shining, and putting a spotlight to planet earth, beautifully, for other beings, around the Creator’s many Universes to notice. Yes, Beloveds, your individual determination to be far better than what you were, is propelling this beautiful planet, our home, at various times, in our lifetimes, to be a shining jewel among the stars! Those of you who have never heard of Serapis Bey, I lived in Egypt in my previous incarnations on earth.

Beloved Souls, some of you are having to cope with situations that are very challenging! The limitations that seem to be determined to show up and block you, or be in your face, when you think that you have released and resolved them. I ask you to not be disappointed nor think that this limitation, is never going to leave you in peace and harmony, oneness with the Creator, oneness with who you truly are. Know this, this stubborn limitation, is showing up and in your face, making you feel that you are not going to rid yourself of it, because Beloveds, it is really time for it to go, to dissolve to wherever its own journey directs it. It is all very good Beloveds. You are on your way to complete freedom. To the true love that you are! You chose the toughest challenges because you knew that you would overcome them.

So this is your proof that you are or were a very highly evolved, enlightened being, who chose to go into deep unconsciousness and chose very challenging situations to overcome.

You didn’t do this for just yourself, but for the whole of humanity, as every thought, feeling, that each and everyone of you emanate, affect the Morphic Field of Humanity; which is another proof that you are Not separate from one another. You are very connected, even if you think that you are separate, because of the colours and cultures that you are expressing at this time. This is part of an illusion of what we all have to go through, in order to realise that we are all children from the one Mother and one Father; children who are in temporary squabbles that are just an illusion, a lesson, in order to come back home!

Home being your Self Love. Back to your own GodSelf. For each and everyone is LOVE! You may not know how to love yourself in this moment, but Beloveds, just TRUST! Trust that there is a bigger plan happening behind the scenes, in the Creator’s/God’s Universe, that is already happening and helping you find it easier to get back home to you. The very fact that you are reading these words, it’s an indication to you that you are Loved. You are Not on your own!

In this moment, when you look outside your window, if you are indoors, what do you see that catches your breath with an appreciative sigh? If you are already outdoors, walking on the grass or sand, or pebbles, what is touching your heart? Beloveds, these observations and your appreciation of them, the deep gratitude that you feel, are the natural qualities that you already have, as inner guides, natural guides for you to go back to your own CreatorSelf; GodSelf; Loving You! The laughter that flows from your heart because of joy, and happiness that you feel, is a beautiful pathway for your homecoming! Be one with the elements! Appreciate rain, and sunshine in equal measure because they are all part of you! Part of your existence. Appreciate sand, pebbles, muddy days, because they are here grounding you and connecting you to your Mother Earth, nourishing you naturally without you even knowing that there are so many nutrients that your bodies absorb from these elements.

Trust! Trust Beloveds. You are so very loved. Because whatever you are doing and however you are being, is for each and everyone on the Earth as well as on the Inner Planes.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment which has given me an opportunity to be here with all of you, loving each and everyone of you, embracing you in a cocoon of my love. I Love you All!

I am Master Serapis Bey. I thank you.

~ Master Serapis Bey

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