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A Moment with Mary Magdalene and Goddess Isis (25/10/23)

Beautiful Souls, we, Mary Magdalene and Goddess Isis, choose to come together as one voice and one LOVE in this moment of Now. We come representing the Divine Feminine Energies as well as the Divine Masculine Energies that each and everyone has. You see, we are now able to each have our Divine Union, meaning that we no longer have conflicts or imbalances within ourselves.

Yes, we did have conflicts of these energies within us, when we were on the planet, as physical beings. We needed to work on ourselves in order to balance them.

And we are here to tell you that, you can too.

Once your Masculine and Feminine Energies are in balance, you will experience deep peace, which is your deep love. And you will be moving towards having Unconditional Love, for yourself and others.

And also you will be experiencing deep joy, happiness and deep gratitude. And more of the beautiful Creator/God Qualities.

Our intention in this moment is reminding you that you mustn’t take things that are happening around you, too deep into yourself; that is emotionally into your body and being. But instead, focus on joy and playfulness. Make yourself happy. Send your joy out into the world. Send your peace out into the world. Send your love out into the world. Send the beauty that you are out into the world. Ask yourself to be the transmitter of all the wonderful things that you are, into the world, through your breathing, when you breathe out, intend on blessing the planet with the Love that you are. And the joy that will return to you, just through giving out your love in this way, will be amazing. Just observe.

There will be more for you to be grateful for and more for you to keep emanating, to the world, through these simple and yet powerful beautiful acts of Self Love. Because Beautiful Souls, you will be loving yourself by doing these little acts. It will be love in action.

Also make yourself laugh. Do not wait for someone else to make you laugh. And do Not wait for someone else to complete you! Know that, you are already complete. The very fact that you are here on the planet, you came already complete in every way. Whatever you came as, you came complete because this is what you and your God/Creator Self chose!

Yes, you had a big part in what you were to experience in this lifetime. So, it is of no use, blaming someone else. We are each creators of our lives.

Now, what fun can we think of? What things can you think of, that uplift your spirits? What makes you laugh right now? A word of warning: do not laugh at someone else. The laughter we are talking about, is the one that brings you joy. In our experience, laughing at someone else’s pain or misfortune, is a very low vibration. Instead of bringing you wonderful experiences, it will instead bring you suffering.

By choosing to uplift yourself, you are uplifting All of Us, as we are One. We are Not separate. We are now in the New Earth. The timeline of our New Earth requires us to keep choosing something that is uplifting, beautiful, serving us individually, helping us feel the most appreciation for everything that is around us, within us and really, really exciting and expansive in each and every moment. Where we walk, what do we observe and notice. What is it that we appreciate? At the end of our day, before we go to sleep, how many things do we know and are grateful for, that we have experienced during the day?

And how many things that we feel satisfaction with, that we did for someone else? Did we open our hearts and let someone, in a bus, train, or a gathering, have our seat because they needed it most? Did we help someone with carrying something that they seemed to struggle with? Did we consciously thank ourselves for the brilliance that we are? Did we thank the Creator and the Angels, or whatever that looked after us, during our sleep, and kept us safe to meet the morning? Did we thank, Mother/Father Sun for the beautiful sunrise and sunset?

Did we decide that we were going to stay away from judgements of others and ourselves? Were we aware that we were judging others harshly? When we realised, what did we do to reverse those thoughts of Judgements? Did we immediately think of their divinity? The light of creation that each and everyone has, and did we thank them for the gift they are in the planet, and for helping us change ourselves for the better in that moment of realising that we had judged them?

We love each and everyone of you.

Let us all imagine a skipping rope held by two people at a good distance from one another, gently letting the rope hit the ground and up, in a continuous motion. And we are each jumping together in groups of twos and threes into the middle of the skipping rope and out, laughing and having great fun and enjoying ourselves! And grateful that we have sailed through with ease and fun and didn’t get caught up in the rope.

We are always with you, wherever you go, Beloved Beautiful Souls, wanting you to light up a little and each time you light up your spirit, smile a genuine smile, you add to the beauty of the planet, and the expansion of the joy, happiness and beauty of all of humanity. AND Our New Earth.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

We are Goddesses Isis and Mary Magdalene.

~ Goddesses Isis and Mary Magdalene

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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