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A Moment with Mary Magdalene (21/08/22)

I greet you with All My LOVE, pulsating and blazing in its might! In its golden glory ! I have SO much LOVE for each and everyone of You, Beloveds.

Some of you, still believe all that you read about me in your scriptures. Well, when we come to Earth, there are so many things that we are told, some of which we believe. Then there are those who listen and choose differently. I, in this moment, am here showering you with my LOVE, of A Divine Goddess, Not of A Whore, A Slut that is in some of your scriptures. Beloved Master Yeshua was my First Cousin, and My Husband! When we both walked the Earth.

Even today, He Is My Beloved. My Lord Sananda! My Husband! My Jesus The Nazarene! My Master Yeshua! Our Love is eternal.

Why Am I telling you this? Because I want you, Beloved, when everything around you, especially in your personal life and reality, is chaotic, to have something, a baseline for yourself to come to. To get back to, when you go deep within. In your quiet moments. Something to sustain you in Love.

For me, it was my Trust In Myself, God/Creator who I knew without shadow of doubt that, It, lived inside of me as well as outside of me, in everything around me. In the good people towards me as well as the hostile ones towards me. And in the Vast world!

AND most importantly; The Love I held so abundantly and dearly in my Soul, for Myself, and for my First Cousin, Jesus; sustained Me throughout my life on Earth!

It is a path I chose before coming into the Earth. I knew that it was going to be a very tough ride. And I chose my parents carefully too, for my Father Was, Is, Mother Mary’s Brother. Joseph of Arimathea. I had a strong foundation, that supported me during my darkest moments.

So, Beloved Souls, reach out to the people who truly and genuinely care for you, even if they are not blood relatives, in times of tough times.

If you don’t know who, just go into a silent moment, and ask! We are always the Invisible Beings, around you. Call out and expect help. It may not come in the way that you want, but inner guidance will be there. Listen to your inner guidance Beloveds.

Beloveds, stop in believing that you are small, and stop believing that God/The Creator, will come to you or hear you, through a priest in church! Or any person you have put on a pedestal.

The easiest way to access God/The Creator is through your moments of celebration, your moments of gratitude, your moments of joy and happiness. We are all emphasising these to you all, because they are your way to uplifting yourself, in these days of chaos and fear on Earth. Trust that there’s more helpful assistance in the World filled with Happiness, Joy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Peace, and Love. Love You more than You Love Your Partner or Spouse. Love You more than You Love Your Friend. Love You more than You Love Your Child!

If you don’t know how to love yourself, one of the ways is:

See your heart as the holder of your love, the centre of All that You Are. Then see your heart pouring love into each and every cell of your body. From the body, see your heart pouring love into all your energy bodies. Your auric field. And practise this in every opportunity that you have. Also make an intention that the source of your love is your heart, and keep asking your heart to shower your physical body with love, as well as your energy fields, the auric field.

When You reach a point of this Powerful Self Love, that you feel with joy, your life flows with ease. You cultivate without even trying, your continuous state of Bliss!

I Love You. Thank You for your time, and moment, Nomanono.

I am Mary Magdalene

~ Mary Magdalene

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