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A Moment with Mary Magdalene (21/03/24)

Beautiful Souls, I, Mary Magdalene come to you now, in this moment, deeply grateful, that you are doing all you can to have a beautiful, glorious earth, be the marvellous beauty that it is meant to be. A planet of Love and Peace. This may seem far fetched to some of you, because of what is currently happening. However, what is happening, has to, in order for change to happen. This is the irony of life. However, there are times when everything has to change in order to make room for the new.

This is exactly where you all are. The beauty in all of this, is that you are changing in ways that are going to sustain a beautiful new life and reality for you individually, as well as for the human collective. So, I, Mary Magdalene, encourage you to continue to focus on you, your needs and how to improve yourself. How to love yourself. How to care and nurture yourself and of course those you take care of, who depend on you, on a daily basis. On the caring side, just be careful to not neglect your own needs and requirements. Do not care more than you care for yourself! Let it be as equal as much as possible.

Basically, do not get to a state of being overwhelmed by your “caring obligations” because that then brings you spiralling downward, energetically and emotionally, thereby bringing your vibrations down. No, beloved, the person you care for, must be aware from you, what your boundaries are! Do not be an open house with no closing time! They must learn to respect you and know that you also have your personal space that must be honoured.

Now, let’s look at simple ways that you can show love to yourself and learn to love yourself. Yes, telling your body and the cells of your body “I LOVE YOU” is great, however, that then needs to be supported by your physical evidence of your love. Have your hair taken care of, not left unwashed or untouched, nor combed for a while. Whatever hair style you have, your intentions are always known to it. If you are just damn lazy to take care of it, it knows and that then doesn’t reconcile or resonate with what you verbally said. If you are creating dreadlocks, your hair knows your intentions and it relaxes to that, knowing that there are other ways that you give attention to it; so that is good. It is sheer laziness that is not good for any part of your body, because then that is neglect and not love of self. Nurturing every part of your physical body, in whatever loving and tender way, that is good for all the cells of your body. When you have a pedicure, all of your cells are happy and supportive of that. When you touch your body and say in a voice that can be heard by your cells, that uplifts all the cells of your body and they know that you are loving them.

For those of you with voices that are deliberately punishing you, whispering derogatory language to you, while you are saying loving words to your body, cells, do not worry about that derogatory voice because your cells are intelligent and know your intentions, as well as know the voice that doesn’t serve you. So, in this case, connect more and deeply with your heart, and this will help your cells rise in Love. The derogatory voice will in Divine Timing leave you!

All it is, some of you chose the most challenging experiences for this lifetime, because you knew that you were going to overcome and rise to the most beautiful levels of consciousness, as you have already achieved mastery in your previous lifetimes. You chose to challenge yourself in this most difficult and painful way. It is all good Beloveds because you are already rising in other ways that you are working on towards your mastery. Thank you for staying on the journey. It may have been a long haul journey, but it is fast coming to an end. A beautiful end that, one day, you will wake up and it will be gone! No voices inside your heart and mind. A freedom that you have waited for all of your life!

I love each and everyone of you, deeply.

Thank you Nomanono for this precious opportunity.

I am Mary Magdalene. I love you and thank you.

~Mary Magdalene

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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