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A Moment with Mary Magdalene (08/06/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls on the Earth. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, that I have, and sharing my love and excitement. I am excited because of you. You are such amazing beings, achieving phenomenal personal feats! The spirit of Never Give Up, is the one driving forward a lot of you. And in my observations, even when situations keep showing up, on a loop, as it were, you are getting better at keeping calm, and gently trying, and trying over again, until you succeed! Well Done You!

Please continue because you are on the way up. You are steadily moving forward and towards your truth. Your truth being this great being, vast and more than what you have thought you were; a lie in smallness; a lie in unworthiness. Oh you are vast and so worthy, in every way! Does this excite you too? Knowing that you are shedding the skin of all the illusions, and embracing the truth of who you are. The powerful beautiful soul that you are! Most of you are listening and instead of focusing on the outside, are getting to truly and ask for help in learning to be able to focus more on their inner world, than the outside world, because, Beloveds, it is the inner world of each and everyone of you that is required to speed up to the truth of who you truly are.

Thereby creating a beautiful new world/planet. For the beautiful new world/planet is already within you You are this vastness that is infinite. So go on, and explore and expand your consciousness, embrace the beauty that is always there within you, and accept that you are powerful in a loving way. A way that is creating beauty, loving, caring ripples through out the world. Even when you are not aware, of this, know that you are amazing and already touching many that you will never meet and you will never know, because you are already connected in the Oneness of the Morphic Field of Humanity. Just aim to better yourself in the best way you can, and whatever you are doing for yourself, is helping change the whole world.

I love each and everyone of you. Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

I am Mary Magdalene. I thank you.

~ Mary Magdalene

A Moment with Goddess Quan Yin (28/02/24)

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