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A Moment with Lady Portia (16/12/22)

Beloved Beautiful Ones, I come to you in this moment, with excitement, joy, and love. I am Lady Portia, an aspect of St Germain. I work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, Connectivity and Transformation. I am excited because there’s so much beauty and transformation happening in your world in this moment. There’s great potential for this world to rise to the levels that are so amazingly beautiful and wondrous, because of you, beloved Souls.

A lot of you are causing this change, by being receptive to all the energies of love, awareness, and wanting to improve yourselves, in ways that are beyond our expectations, here in the inner planes, which makes us so excited. You inspire us in many amazingly beautiful ways.

You are becoming the beacons of light, love and Oneness. This is why there’s so much excitement here, at this time.

The work I do, and love, of purification, with the advanced levels of the Violet Flame, helps me to witness transformations that are beyond expectations, because whatever is asked for, of the Violet Flame, which is really an aspect of Love of the Creator, intended to cleanse, purify, transmute, heal and purify, is clearing the dense energies and then the Angels of Love and healing, pour their love, filling the spaces, where the Violet Flame has just cleared, cleansed all the negative energies. So, you see beloved ones, the love of the Creator is always at work and expanding, creating liberation, even in the most dense and negative situations.

Not all you ask for help from the Violet Flame. This is because some of you, even though you know of the Violet Flame, are not aware that the Violet Flame Always works with Angels. It removes the gunk and the Angels pour love that heals and creates transformations. So, that is the connectivity to the Angels who help you reconnect with your purity, that is innately within you, but temporarily obscured by whatever is happening in your experience.

I, Lady Portia, invite you to call on the Advanced Levels of The Violet Flame, for any situation. It may be a personal situation, where you feel stuck or a situation that you want to help a loved one, or a situation in your community or in the world.

There’s no request that goes unattended to, beloved ones, for there’s always intention of putting right, cleansing, clearing and purifying, basically removing the debris that may be hanging heavily on a situation, whatever that situation is, the Violet Flame, will attend to it, together with the Angels of Love and Healing. The Violet Flame, just like any of us, in Spirit realms, cannot intervene or help without being asked. Even as we watch and see that we can help, we cannot without your asking, giving us permission, to help you, because of your freedom of choice, and the universal law, not to interfere.

When you are ready to call for help; all you say is: “Violet Flame of Transmutation, Connectivity and Transformation, please cleanse, purify and heal…. (stating the situation)” and the Violet Flame will go to work and connect your energies with the Angels of Love and Healing, who work together with the Violet Flame. There is no request that is beyond the Violet Flame. We are here to support you to be the clear beacons of love that you originally are, beloved ones. Be excited like me. What you thought will not change in your life and reality, will, and is, beloved ones, with your constant asking.

I love each and everyone of you, deeply. I thank you Nomanono for this opportunity to express my desire, in this moment.

I am, Lady Portia and I thank you.

~ Lady Portia

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