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A Moment with Lady Pallas Athena (27/09/23)

Beloved Nomanono, thank you for letting me into your space, in this moment. Thank you for your deep desire for unity, love and oneness in this world. Thank you for wanting man made separation to stop. You are Not alone in this deep desire. I can assure you, that millions of people on the Earth, want what you so desperately want. Not just for this time, but for future generations.

For those of you who do not know who Pallas Athena is, I am a Greek Goddess of War, who doesn’t use weapons to win conflicts. I Am The Light. I Am The Love. I Am The Truth. I Am The Compassion. I Am All That Is! And So Are You All, if you will truly go within, and realise the amazing beings that you are. You are only functioning at less than 1% of your true power, strength and potential in this world.

You all have forgotten how powerful you are, and you have forgotten where you come from and who you are! You are each a powerful Creator/God! The Source that Is The Creator is calling you back home, within you, to realise that you are far more than the life you live. You are far more capable of creating, with your heart and soul, your beautiful life, in the way that you are capable of.

I, Pallas Athena, say to all of you: Detach from Drama! You are all currently drawn into the upsetting world of human egos by focusing upon dramas. Oh yes, there are many dramas happening in the world at this time. These are here with the intention of keeping you in slavery. In mental slavery. I, Pallas Athena, say: Detach. Do not be pulled into the various plots, twists, turns, and characters of the drama. Instead view it as a movie that will have a happy ending or at least there will be a resolution that is for the benefit of all!

I understand that you will have compassion for everyone involved. However, you don’t have to let the drama pull you down in any way. As you focus on the positive, you bring about a positive resolution for the human collective, because, my dears, the human collective is something that you cannot be outside of. You are part and parcel of the human collective.

I ask you all, to focus within, and ask yourselves, what is it that you want to do better, think better, love and appreciate, more than you have ever done before; for yourselves? Because once you start focusing on improving your life, by the way you look after yourselves, appreciate your bodies, stop judging yourselves negatively, but appreciate everything about yourselves, you are not just helping your individual self but the whole human collective.

The saying that you are not alone, has a more deeper meaning when you begin thinking of the human energetic field that you are automatically attached to, whether you are aware of this or not. This was created in order that you support one another, even when you are not aware of this.

It is time to consciously return to Oneness, which has always been at the very core of your beingness. It is time to return to the LOVE that you each are. It is time to watch the movie and not to emotionally be involved in it.

I say again: Detach from Drama. Love yourself in the way that you have never done before. Love your pimple. Love everything about you. You don’t need the beauty adverts, because you are beautiful as you are, right now!

I love each and everyone of you. You are amazing, courageous beings who chose to be here at this time of awakening and ascension. I salute you!

With my Love. I Am Pallas Athena. I thank you.

~ Lady Pallas Athena

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