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A Moment with Green Tara (31/01/24)

Beautiful Souls of the Earth, I, Green Tara, come to you in this moment with my deepest love and compassion. I come to you as an Ascended Master mentor whose journey began in a human form in the Sirius Star System, on a planet called Karnak.

In Karnak, for many lifetimes, I experienced similar struggles and pains, to what you have lived for centuries on this planet. We experienced separation and wars that are similar to what is happening in your planet and has been happening for many years.

The good thing is, we eventually awakened from the deep sleep that we were in for thousands of years. And you are doing the same. You are waking up to the beautiful life that is here and ahead of you. At the moment you are experiencing glimpses of the possibilities that lie ahead. And I can assure you, that even if your whole planet, awakens when you have transitioned from your current life, you will definitely be back here, to experience all the beautiful things that you laid the foundations of. You will know then and when you return, you will no longer be in the amnesia that you agreed to, before coming here.

And anyway, there are those who have chosen to remember, and are around you, for they didn’t agree to the amnesia when they returned. You will be very happy and proud of your contributions to an awakened planet. It is what you are doing for yourself and for the human collective, that goes towards your whole planet rising, in spite of what you see that is not pleasing.

Each and everyone of you, including those who are homeless, begging you for spare change, are contributing to an awakening of the planet. You may wonder how a homeless person contributes as he/she doesn’t have anything, but begs you to help him/her. That very act of being in the streets, facing all types of weather with no proper shelter or clothing; is what this individual is here doing for the planet, for many to wake up to the realisation that there is no need for homelessness or poverty.

The Earth planet is very abundant; wealthy in many ways. However, as you all know, greed has prevented people benefiting from what is naturally Creator given, the greed that causes a few to amass wealth that they don’t even know what to with it, except the habit of being rich not caring about the poor. So even those greedy ones, are contributing to the awakening of the planet for people’s hearts are opening up and realising what they really choose to see for their fellow humans. The majority of you, would like to live in fair, safe and free environments, where nobody is lacking of basic human rights, needs and health conditions.  Our planet went through these scenarios until it just had to stop! Here on Earth you are heading towards the total change for the best of all living beings. It is exciting to observe.

I, Green Tara, I am here cheering you on! Keep on the good work. The work that is filled with a lot of ups and downs. Yes, that is it! You are doing an amazing job even when you don’t know and you don’t think so. I know, for I have experienced what you are experiencing, many life times on my planet of Karnak, where I never had amnesia about what had happened before. This remembering helped me to keep choosing something towards the enlightenment and freedom, oneness and unity of my people. And we finally followed and embodied the meaning of Karnak “Secret Chambers of the Heart.”

I love each and everyone of you, with my whole heart and being.

Thank you Nomanono for your beautiful heart.

I am Goddess Green Tara. I thank you.

~ Goddess Green Tara

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