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A Moment with Grandmother Anna (29/09/22)

Beloved Nomanono, thank you for this moment. An opportunity to just be, with you and All. I remember you! But of course you all don’t remember! Ha! The time of fun on the Earth! Where, before you are born, even before you choose your parents, you have already agreed to forgetting where you came from. Who your parents were. Where your original Star Family came from.

My purpose of being here in this moment, is to applaud you all, for you are all doing a magnificent job, raising the energies of the planet. Most of you think that you are not doing much. However, I tell you this, any bit of kindness and compassion that you extend to someone else, affects many more beings, in the Morphic Field of Humanity!

So please, beautiful souls, you are always blessing each other, in ways that you are not even aware of. Keep up the good work.

Those of you who don’t know who Grandmother Anna is, I am Master Yeshua’s maternal Grandmother! I am grateful and feel blessed that this beautiful soul, Jesus, said Yes, to being a part of my family.

Briefly, my journey into Earth, was as a walk-in. It was an arrangement by our Souls/Superconscious Selves, that at the right time, this is what we would do. I chose a quicker way of coming in, and that led to Mary, Yeshua’s mother and then Yeshua being born. I was one of the Masters who had already done many lifetimes on Earth and in other Star Systems. My purpose was urgent at the time. I had to be here, to seed the Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness is nothing to do with any religion. Christ Consciousness is the purest form of love. The seed I came to plant and see it physically manifested, in the form of my family and my grandchildren, one of whom was Yeshua.

I was one of the Essenes who prepared for many years, a pathway to bring Yeshua into Earth. And when we were certain that all those we had been preparing to be part of the Holy Grail family, were ready, then I took the short cut and walked into a physical body and being, of someone who was already on Earth! At a point when that person was about to die, or take her last breath, my Soul entered her body and being, as her soul left and went back home/heaven, so to speak! I still had to go through all the emotions and pains that everyone goes through, however, because I was a walk-in, I was conscious at all times, and I was able to focus on what I came here to do. This is partly one of the reasons I lived on Earth for more than 600 years, looking as though I was 45 years all the time, till the day I chose to go back home. There was a lot of work that needed doing during those years.

A lot of those who have read my story, wish they could live to that age! Times are different now. Aim at living to over 100 years. And choose and intend to be joyful, grateful, happy, at peace, all the time. I know this is a challenge for most people, however, if you focus on just one area to be good at, for example: if you choose gratitude, as your area of focus and improvement of your life, have fun with your gratitude; there are so many things to be grateful for. Even situations that come up, irritating you, be grateful for them, because they are your wonderful mirrors! Ask yourself why such and such irritates you. It is all very good Beloveds. Everything that frustrates you, is your wonderful lesson.

What has been fun for us is observing that since your lockdowns, which were deliberately planned to separate you, you have fallen for the separation, by the way you judge yourselves and others. It is fun to us because you are choosing a long way back to consciousness. Even those of you who think are awake, unfortunately are still so judgmental! Your controllers got you with your family separations. You have fallen for it.

Most of you have been estranged from those who were close to you. Why? Because you have tried to change each other. You have tried to impose your views on others. You have wanted to show who is right and who isn’t. Beloveds, you are here for your own journey, at the same time in Oneness. Oneness doesn’t mean that you have to be exactly the same, think the same, feel the same. No! See yourselves as a Oneness with The Creator/God; because the truth is, we all are One as the Creator flows through each and every soul on Earth and in the Inner Planes. Our origins are of Oneness, and yet individuated! The Creator/God experiencing through each one of us. So we are all truly in Love and Oneness. We are all held by the Love of the Creator. We Are each a Creator.

In truth, even though I am wiser because of my experiences, this doesn’t mean I am better than anyone else, for we come from the same source. The mistake that sets the majority of people back, vibrationally on Earth, is superior complex. Their superior complex foundation is FEAR! These beings who think of themselves as better than others, extend their superior fear onto those they see as lower than them. So the chains go on, a chain of those who feel superior and a chain of those who feel inferior. Then you have so much separation and fear all round. Even those with superior complex, have their fears! Then we end up on Earth with many variations of fear making a huge separation from the Creator/God! Fear is the opposite of Love!

God, the Creator is Love. You are Love. So, you are God the Creator! God the Creator does not see Itself/Herself/Himself as better than any of you! You have believed untruths, Beloveds, for centuries. God the Creator is both inside and outside of you. You are One with the Creator. You are Love. Be Love. You are Joy. Be Joy. You are Celebration. Be Celebration. You are Bliss. Be Blissful. This is How you were created and this was the intention of the Creator for you, Beloveds. You are all Beautiful Souls of the planet.

I still applaud you, because, in spite of the separation from your family and friends, that is very painful for most of you, you are doing the very best in raising your planet’s vibrations. And because of this, even those who you are separated from, you will at some beautiful point in the future, if you imagine it, embrace one another. Everything is possible. Always remember this.

I love you and embrace you with my deepest love and gratitude for this moment. You and I, are in Oneness with the Creator/God. Remember: God, You, Me, and everyone and everything Are One. In Love and Oneness!

~ Grandmother Anna

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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