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A Moment with Grandmother Anna (04/05/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I come to you in this moment, in gratitude; deep gratitude for an opportunity to connect with all of you. My deepest love for each and everyone of you, currently walking the Earth. You are the brave souls who chose to be here, to help raise the planet to its glorious heights! You said yes, and volunteered! When you were chosen to be amongst the volunteers, you also chose to forget the amazing powerful enlightened beings you already were.

So, Beloveds, you have gone through the toughest times and challenges. Some of you are still going through challenges. Know this Beloveds, it is not long now, before you completely remember who you truly are. And drop the false illusions of fear and unworthiness that have subjected you to feelings of not good enough. This was a part of the illusion that you chose to be in, on this beautiful planet, in order to work your way up again to remembering how amazingly powerful and vast you are.

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I applaud each and everyone of you, for being the real boots on the ground, just by being here on the planet. Please, never ever buy into the illusion that there are those who are better than you! They are Not even if they think so, they are just in an illusion themselves! Know that you are powerful, worthy, brilliant and amazingly beautiful souls, who chose to be here, to be part of a huge Game of Illusion. You are playing your part, in whatever way and wherever you are.

You are just as important as a king and queen in a game of chess. These are just games of illusions that you agreed to be part of, just by being here in the planet, and you are holding the most important roles, each and everyone of you. The Creator/God Plan! What is the Creator/God Plan? To rise from the ashes and become the most powerful Planet there is! Planet Earth! You are helping in many ways that you are not even aware of.

Feel the love of each quiet moment. Listen to the sounds of crickets. Hear the songs of various birds in your neighbourhood. See the smile of a child. Hear a dog bark and a cat meowing. See trees allowing their leaves and branches to sway gently. Hear the laughter of men drinking in a pub. There’s more that you can add on this list, that is meant for you to realise that you are in Unity with everyone and everything around you. Thinking that you are on your own is a lie that you have believed and it is time now, to realise that you are never alone. There is the vastness of the universe, depicted by these few examples that I have given you as a reminder of life and richness around you.

Remember to put as your priority these God/Creator qualities, to sustain you in every moment of your day: joy, gratitude, happiness, love, appreciation, kindness, peace and calmness.

I love each and everyone of you. Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful opportunity.

I am grandmother Anna. Master Jesus’s grandmother.

~ Grandmother Anna

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