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A Moment with Goddess Quan Yin (28/02/24)

Beautiful Souls, I, Goddess Quan Yin, come to you at this time, to encourage you to have compassion for yourselves. It is time to nurture your inner self. With all that is externally going on, for you Beloveds, it is your time to go within. It will not be wrong of you to say: I let all the creators of chaos deal with it; while I am attending to all aspects of my soul. And when you say this, and truly focus on your own life and reality; starting with your physical body, what you feed it, dress it, look after yourself basically!

When was the last time you really took care of You? To really appreciate you as you are? To thank you for all that you do for others and reminding yourself that you are number one. You are meant to take care of yourself first before taking care of others. Remember the oxygen mask in an airplane? It is not selfish to care for yourself. Many of you worry about others and forget about yourselves. That is not taking care of you and that is not loving yourself. Some of you think that by caring for others, while neglecting your own needs, is Godly! No! It is Not! You matter! Take care of yourself first and then when you feel good and taken care of, you can then help others. But putting yourself last is not helping you, as it lives you unfulfilled most of the time.

As the time is speeding up in the planet, some of you are finding it hard to keep up with your daily tasks. I have observed that some of you are finding it difficult to keep up with meditations that you have easily achieved before. I suggest that you take a deep breath, whenever you are about to meditate, not knowing which one to do, from a long list that has accumulated; and ask your Higher Self to guide you to the highest potential of the lot. And it’s time to trust your Higher Self’s guidance.

I love you all deeply. I shower you with my deep love and compassion.

Thank you Nomanono for this moment.

I am Goddess Quan Yin.

~ Goddess Quan Yin

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