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A Moment with Goddess Quan Yin (11/05/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I come to you in this moment, with my deep love, and compassion. My desire from deep within me is to shower each and everyone of you with my deepest peace. The peace that is here to activate and remind you that you already have this quality within you. In fact, all God’s/Creator’s qualities are already within you, Beloveds. All that has happened, is the energy of fear, which is Not Your Truth at all, has been a huge veil, within each and everyone of you. You see, the veils are not out there, but within you. And currently different situations are being used and planned to trigger fear within you.

Fear is an illusion. An opposite of Love, which is not the Creator’s/God’s Truth and therefore not your truth, as you are a part of God/The Creator. It is because this planet is a planet of duality, therefore there is always opposing forces/sides/energies. You naturally have the Divine Spark within you! Which means you have the power at any moment to tap into your powerful peaceful energy.

However, because there has been so much that you have been subjected to, for centuries, lifetime after lifetime, the fear showing up as doubts and distrust of yourself and you don’t even trust if there’s ever going to be a better way out. You doubt yourself if you will ever come out of the repetitive situations that put you into fear.

I, Goddess Quan Yin ask you to call on me, whenever you are in a fearful situation:

Breathe deeply and slowly and call on me Goddess Quan Yin to surround you with the energy of peace. See yourself being in a cocoon of Peace. Just keep breathing in and out slowly, knowing that you are in this cocoon. What is happening, as I put you in my peace cocoon, I am also linking your innate peace, with mine. This is in agreement with your Higher Self, as well as the Creator’s/God’s agreement that I do this for each and everyone who asks me when they are in that moment of fear.

You see Beloveds, my peace is the extension of my deep love and compassion, for each and everyone of you. I also ask you to please Trust and have Faith. Have trust and faith that these fearful situations you are experiencing, are here because they are ready to be released with Peaceful Acceptance, Love, and Compassion! Trust and have faith in your Higher Self/God Self. The part of you that is Divine.

Trust and have faith that as I link my peaceful energy with your own innate peace, you and I, Goddess Quan Yin, are igniting your Innate Divine Spark, turning it into a Powerful Divine Fire of Love within you! Your innate Divine Fire of Love, that will naturally burn with love, all the fears and doubts and turn them into the love, that you are. The deep innate love and peace that you are, Beloveds. I am available at any moment that you need support with your peaceful cocoon of your innate Divine Fire of Love. And you can also ask me, Goddess Quan Yin, to keep you in this cocoon continuously, each day when you wake up in your morning.

Thank you Nomanono for this divine moment. I love each and everyone of you, immensely.

I am Goddess Quan Yin.

~ Goddess Quan Yin

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