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A Moment with Goddess Kuan Yin (24/01/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I, Goddess Kuan Yin, come to you in this moment, in extreme excitement because you are living in the most amazing time! I know that some of you are still working through the limitations that need to be totally and completely out of your energy fields, in order to be Free! Free from your fears, worries and anxieties. To enjoy yourselves in the joy and happiness that you desire, deserve and are worthy of.

Beloveds, only LOVE is real. And love is appreciation, joy, laughter, peace, kindness to mention a few aspects of love. Fear shows up in your experiences in various ways. As worry; upset, anger, judgment, stress, anxiety, just to mention a few. All you need to do, when faced with any of these issues, is very simple; say: Thank You! You have already been told this, however, it is worth reiterating the importance of it, because you see, beloveds, when you get stressed or upset; you immediately forget to say ‘thank you’ because your mind focuses on what is making you stressed! So, it is important to have, in your mental ‘first aid kit’ “Thank You” as your first step or point of call!

Why are you saying “Thank you?” Because this is the simple doorway to receiving and changing your energy, and most importantly, you are thankful for all that has shown up and the root causes of the present moment that you find yourself in. You are thankful for everything that you are currently experiencing because there is always a lesson and a letting go. You are being guided to letting go of all your low energies that are fear based.

All of your lives have been conditioned and programmed to be fearful. In the stories that are told in many ways in schools, churches and just about everywhere, you are surrounded by subtle things and situations, even your film industry has a lot of fearful scenarios. Your sports, take for instance, boxing. What is the good of people punching their heads and bodies? Okay, let us just say: Thank You now. Let’s keep on saying Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Until our energies change and we feel like laughing! Let’s change the stories away from what doesn’t serve us! And say: Yes! Yes! Yes! To all that we choose to create. What are our best options? Joy! Excitement! Happiness! Yes! What is exciting you in this moment? Some wonderful, beautiful things that you aspire to!

Yes, you are truly the Creator of your dreams and reality. This is the journey that is initially scary when you are told that all the things that you do not want or desire in your life, are there because you are the one who has attracted them to your experiences, but when you really get it, it is very exciting to see around you, things start to show up in your reality, that are miraculous, just because you focused your thoughts on deep gratitude. Being grateful and letting go of all that doesn’t serve you. Saying Yes! Yes! Yes! To all that you seek and saying Yes with great excitement, joy and happiness! And above all Trusting that All Is So! And Trusting in Divine Timing!

I love you deeply, each and everyone of you.

Thank you Nomanono for this beautiful moment.

I am Goddess Kuan Yin. I thank you.

~ Goddess Kuan Yin

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