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A Moment with Goddess Isis (26/05/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls on Earth, thank you for your presence at this time! You are the bravest ones, who chose to experience these moments that are very challenging. Beloveds, you are amazingly powerful in ways that you don’t even know that you possess. I come in this moment to truly thank each and everyone of you, for being here, doing your very best to navigate every step that is in your path. I ask you, to see yourselves as the soldiers on a battlefield for love and Oneness. A battlefield filled with amazing joy and happiness. This is what you must envision in your daily lives.

Play a ‘What If’ game with yourselves. The ‘what if’ game you play though, is for all the wonderful things that you desire to personally experience. Big and small. And it is a ‘what if’ game in this moment of now! Keep imagining that immediately you say to yourself ‘what if such and such shows up’ then in a flash, that something shows up! Then I ask you to enjoy, soaking the feelings that you feel in your body. These past days, this one, Nomanono, has been thinking to herself that she would like to be childlike in the way she views and experiences life.

So here I am, Goddess Isis, thinking that you can all be childlike now; especially and purposefully choosing to be in the ‘what if’ mode and receiving your desires instantly in this game!

Remember Beloveds, what you focus on, you create. What do you think will happen in your reality as you continue playing this game? I dare you to keep playing! And see how you feel. You may think this is silly, but until you play this game, the silliness of it will bring you amazing relief from the seriousness that is tightening your body’s muscles. Thereby creating unnecessary stress and suffering of your soul. Relax Beloveds and see what wonderful transformations the ‘what if’ game brings to your life and reality!

I love each and everyone of you. Thank you Nomanono for inspiring me with your thoughts. You can now say to yourself, your desire has been fulfilled by the ‘what if’ game!

I am Goddess Isis. I thank you.

~ Goddess Isis

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