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A Moment with Epona, Queen of The Fairies (07/10/22)

Most of you, have never heard of me and yet, you played with me eons ago. We played hide and seek.

We were in love with one another. We were in Oneness. We respected each other. Your homes were our homes. The natural dwellings of the fairies were yours. You openly called on us and we gladly showed up. When you climbed trees, we playfully teased you, to see who was getting to the top fastest. Of course we always won!

We are still around. You just don’t see us anymore. You don’t call on us anymore. We are not in your radar at all. We are no longer in your hearts.

Just know this: we love you, still! We have always loved you. Some of you were ridiculed and even punished for having us in their homes.

We then decided to leave humanity alone, to save them from those who thought we were little devils. All we were and are: is pure Love!

We know that the time is coming up for us to be friends again.

I, Epona, Queen of The Fairies, sprinkle on to your energies, my abundant fairy love. There are trillions of us, around you. Beautifying the planet. We will continue to do this because this is what we chose, as the little flying people, on Earth.

With my deepest love to you all! And thank you Nomanono for this moment.

~Epona, Queen of The Fairies

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