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A Moment with Black Madonna/Mother Mary (01/11/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, I, your Mother, Black Madonna, Mother Mary come to you now, filled with Deep Love that a Mother has for her children. I know that a few of you know me as The Black Madonna, especially those living in the South of France. The majority of you have never heard of Black Madonna.

Beloveds, I have many names and faces, that you imagine for me and I accept with my heart, because whatever face I have, and in plenty to be in truth with you, I am always your Mother, wanting the very best for you. Seeking you, to come home to my heart thereby, coming to your own heart.

The Black Madonna face, symbolises that when you go into pain of your struggles, I am there, screaming and crying with you! The deep pain that you experience, I experience it too. When you are in joy and happiness, I am there with you, my Beloved. Black Madonna feels all the raw emotions of each and everyone of you. This is a Mother’s path.

I Am A Mother who is Deeply Devoted to her children, and therefore feel every segment of everyone’s emotions. I soothe you in the best way that I know, showering you with my Love, observing you until you are able to choose something better than struggling but elevating yourself to joy, happiness, gratitude. Then I rejoice with you.

Beloveds, however much pain you are in, that I feel every particle of, I, as your Mother, cannot do anything to help you out until you have learnt the lesson that you are there to experience. The journey you are in, is totally and utterly yours. No one else’s fault that this is where you are. I am only a loving witness, and sending you my loving energies that if you choose to receive them, will lessen the suffering.

However, know that, only you, and no one else, chooses your path. You have Freedom of Choice. No one can interfere with your freedom of choice, unless they just want to control and enslave you. Even then, you still have a choice! It is always about what you choose. Do you choose Fear or Love?

Love is so easy Beloveds. You feel as you walk, the elevation in your steps. You feel like you can take on any challenge and reach the finish line in ecstasy! You genuinely smile at everyone you see. You feel that everything is achievable. You are deeply grateful for everyone in your life. Your family. Your friends, your colleagues at work. Your thoughts are in a beautiful, clear way. You know what you wish for and desire. Ways of accomplishing whatever you wish for, becomes so easy, clear, filled with excitement, joy and deep gratitude.

Beloveds, I am here as The Black Madonna because I am The Lady of Dark Mysteries and I am always blessing you in everything that you do, and are. I am The Lady of Truth, The Lady of Balance, The Lady of Divine Justice, The Lady of Fierce Compassion, The Lady of Ruthless Devotion.

I Love you and in this moment, feel the love, compassion, peace that I shower you with. Receive my deepest powerful loving devotion to you, for I walk with you, in every moment.

Thank you Nomanono for this beautiful moment.

I love each and everyone of you.

I am The Black Madonna, Mother Mary. I thank you.

~The Black Madonna, Mother Mary

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