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A Moment with Archangel Raphael (15/12/23)

Beloved Beautiful Beings, I, Archangel Raphael, come to you in Love. The love of the Angelic Kingdom. The love of the Archangels. The love of the Angels. The love of The Creator/God. We are always together, you see, as the Angel Collective and The Creator/God. We are not separate even though I have introduced myself as I, Archangel Raphael, I am still connected to my fellow Angels, and the Creator/God, wherever they may be in this moment!

We continue to shower this beautiful planet with its beautiful people and nature in all its forms, with our purest love. Please know that you are never alone. Even if you do not believe in Angels, know that we are always helping you in our most subtle ways. We do not need permission from you to help you with a situation that is threatening your life and your very existence, where we can pour our love or guide those closest to you to think of ways to help you, we do. The only areas that we do require your permission, is where new activations, templates are needing to be installed or old and no longer serving you energies, templates, old contracts and agreements are needing to be removed.

Ordinarily, we are walking with you, wherever you are. We ask you to remember this and ask for our help. It doesn’t matter how many times you call on us. Some of you think that you are bothering us when you ask for our help and guidance. We are only pleased to serve. We are here to serve you with our love. Just be aware that, some situations that you ask our help for, may take sometime to be solved and dissolved. This depends upon the nature of the issue you have.

Some of your issues go back to previous lifetimes. These are the situations you chose to experience and learn from them, in this lifetime. Remember that some of you chose the most difficult situations to experience and overcome in this life. You chose this because of the Master that you were and are! So if you are one of these amazing beings, just hang in there and keep asking for help because, you will overcome whatever obstacles you are currently facing. It’s a game of life that you are winning, by the very fact that it is so much in your face! Do not give up!

With the energies of the new timeline, you are of course going to experience more challenges. Celebrate the challenges because they are on their way out. If it is something that you have had since you were born, know that it is definitely on its way out because the new timeline requires you to be totally and completely free of these old obstacles. Your Spirit Guides, including the Angelic Kingdom, will always find ways to help you, guiding you to people and situations that will support you towards letting go of your challenges. Just remember that you are never alone. We love you deeply. We are here for you.

I, Archangel Raphael, ask you now, to open yourself to receiving my powerful Green Emerald Healing Light. I shower you now with my healing energy, endlessly, as long as you require these energies, just think, wherever you are: Emerald Green from Archangel Raphael. You will feel them. Even if you are not a feeler, my healing energies are with you whenever you call on them and allowing them to embrace you; day and night, if you choose.

I love each and everyone of you deeply.

Thank you Nomanono for this beautiful moment.

I am Archangel Raphael. I thank you.

~ Archangel Raphael

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