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A Moment with Archangel Michael (28/06/23)

Beloved beautiful souls, I am Archangel Michael, coming to you with my deep love that is ever flowing and ever present to soothe you, in all times that you need it. It is an open flowing stream to each and everyone who chooses to receive it. If human beings do not receive it, it is definitely not wasted, because the animal kingdom, is always receptive, and therefore receives plenty of love from my energy field.

I am the Archangel that walks alongside each and every being, protecting you with my Sword of Love. I am aware of a lot of you who will say to this; but I needed help at that particular time, and you didn't protect me. To this I, Archangel Michael say: Where your OverSoul/Higher Self wishes you to undergo a particular lesson in order for you to reach a certain level in your spiritual growth, I do not interfere, even as I continue to walk alongside you, encouraging you in various subtle ways, to rise instead of sinking deeper into darkness.

Beloveds, I want you to know that, the toughest lessons, painful and difficult, that some of you have been going through for a long time, wondering if they will ever be resolved, are what you chose to experience before you came here. You decided with your OverSoul what areas you wished to experience in order to reach you ultimate enlightenment, because you knew that you were more than capable of rising and reaching the vastness that you are. And some of you, are now going through different spiritual paths that you never imagined were possible for you, in order to resolve these seemingly difficult challenges and situations. This is the journey you chose beloveds, in order to be the true power that you knew you were. The Powerful Being of Love that you knew you are capable of achieving and becoming.

Remember that a butterfly, before its glorious, fabulous shining and mesmerising beauty, was a caterpillar. So you are on your beautiful journey, Beloveds. Stay the course knowing that you have all of us, your Guides, cheering you on, excited for your accomplishments, even though to you, at this time it sees like you have been on the same journey for most of your life. Know that, you chose the toughest path because you are naturally a very strong, powerful individual, who knew that through the toughest journey of your ascension and awakening, you will prove to yourself that you are the Vastness in the Universe of the Creator/God, capable of handling and achieving anything that you set your mind and sights on. Right at this moment, you know deeply that you are supported and loved by the invisible loving beings. And you also know that what you want to achieve is there for you already, and what you need to do right now, is persevere a little bit more, to the finishing line. And the Glory is Yours as well as all of us, your Guides.

We Love you and have great respect for you, for some of you, have been with us, as your main Guides, in many different life times. We know your capabilities as well as your weaknesses. We are here, around you, supporting you even if you think that you are all on your own. You are never on your own. Your Ancestors are here too, helping you in the best way they can. I must make this clarification; amongst your Ancestors, you have your Key Ancestor Guides, who are always with you, in all circumstances, helping you. These are dedicated beings who have been with you in all your life expressions. This therefore means that they may not be the Ancestors from your current life time, but many lifetimes prior. It is a surprise, but not really if you think of your Soul Family. They are your Soul family members, with deep compassion and vast knowledge of you as an individual soul.

So, Beloveds, there's plenty of love for you here.

I am Archangel Michael, deeply in love with each and everyone of you. Thank you Nomanono for this precious moment.

~ Archangel Michael

A Moment with Master Yeshua (18/07/24)

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A Moment with Lord Maitreya (11/07/24)

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