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A Moment with Archangel Michael (27/12/23)

Dear Beautiful Souls. I am Archangel Michael, coming to you in this moment, celebrating who you are becoming. Even though you still have a lot that you feel needs clearing within you and around your aura, I, Archangel Michael I am here to applaud you and to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing so brilliantly! You are becoming very aware of the importance of watching your thoughts and emotions. This is beautiful to observe, as most of you are no longer guided by default of unconsciousness; but you are consciously guided by your own intentions, guided by your Higher Self/Inner Being/Your Soul.

It is also wonderful to observe you taking all the advice from different perspectives and sources, choosing to change your life for the better. And choosing to be in gratitude for everything. Some people are still having issues with being grateful for everything, even what is not pleasant in your experiences. Beloved beautiful souls; when you are grateful for everything, even what has been an experience that you didn’t expect and that was painful for you; it helped you to learn something. There is no way that you didn’t learn anything. Every single experience, helps you change for the better. The more grateful you are, the more grateful you become, as more things for you to be grateful for; show up in your experiences.

I want to express something that some of you don’t know about Angels. You have seen images of Angels in the shapes of humans, in your clouds in the sky. Some have been painted beautifully by your artists with exquisite imaginations, with wings. The part that most of you don’t know and you have never even thought of; is that the Angels are just energy that you Breathe in an out of your body and being. We Are The Air that you breathe in and out automatically! In reality, the Angels with human forms, are those who have chosen to be physically born as human beings and there are many such angels!

I, Archangel Michael, chose not to incarnate as a human being, but remained in my energy form that you can feel or see. Some of you are able to see and feel my energy. It is always a hue of a colour I choose for a specific purpose at any time. For instance, for protection, my energy hue is blue. Sometimes, when I am working with someone, like in this moment, communicating, Nomanono has been wondering why she’s feeling drowsy and struggling to focus; it is my divine pure energy that is flowing through her. It is a colourless hue in this moment. The drowsiness she’s feeling is because I am also emanating healing energies for her, attending to areas of her body, mind and brain mechanisms that need to be dealt by these hues I instantly call on or Be, at any given moment.

My purpose on talking to you about the hues and the air. It is so that you can choose to make intentions for yourself, of what air comes into your system. The air around you has us, angels as well as polluted toxins that are man made. You breathe this mixture in and out of your bodies every second of your life existence. Now I ask you to consider intending that all the air that flows through your nostrils, body and being as your breath, is pure Love from the Angels! And then see what happens as you continue with your intention Because Beloveds, our Love has varied qualities and purposes within it.

Thank you Nomanono for this wonderful opportunity.

I love each and everyone of you, deeply.

I am Archangel Michael and I thank you.

~ Archangel Michael

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