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A Moment with Archangel Michael (05/10/22)

Beloved Beings of Love, I come to you with my love. It is I, Archangel Michael, embracing you with my unconditional love. I embrace you with the purest Christ Consciousness Light Love Energy. With the deepest of My Compassion and Peace. The Christ Consciousness Light Love Energy, has nothing to do with religion. It is the Purest Love of The Creator/Creation!

I watch over all of you. Each and everyone of you, walking on the Earth plain. For I am the Angel of Protection. I have always been this Protector of Beings in all Universes. Someone wonders why they have not been protected when they needed protection, for a situation. My answer to that Beloveds, is, when an individual’s Soul Plan/Purpose requires that their journey of awakening experiences certain scenarios, I, Archangel Michael, cannot intervene; as it is that individual’s life purpose, chosen and decided upon, long before the individual came into the planet. Decided by that individual together with that individual’s SoulSelf.

In this moment I ask you to receive my love, compassion and peace, and make these your own, to radiate into each and every cell of your body, and out into the world. And you can ask for more from me, whenever you wish. My observation is of beautiful butterflies! You are the beautiful butterflies, Beloveds, emerging from the caterpillars. And you cannot be butterflies without being the caterpillars! Thank you, for all that you are becoming. As you are in the thick of it on your planet, with so much to cope with, on a daily basis, especially at this time, you may feel that you are not doing enough, for yourself and for the whole of the planet, especially those close to you. Some of you are giving up. I say to you: Do Not Give Up! For you have come this far! Remember that, it always becomes darker before dawn.

You don’t have to do much on a daily basis, to keep your energy uplifted. If you have a cat, appreciate the love your cat gives to you. If you have a dog, appreciate your dog’s love.

If you don’t have any pets, you have so much beauty in nature to appreciate. The cup of coffee that you drink. The people who have grown the coffee, the harvesters, packers, exports and imports personnel, lory drivers, shelves stackers in supermarkets, cashiers and more!

Gratitude is the best energy to get you out of your state of depression. And while you all want to know what is going on in your world at this very moment, I, Archangel Michael ask you, to please Not focus much on the news because you have, as most of you have realised that your mainstream media is giving you misinformation. It is fuelling fear. Unfortunately, there are those who are going to be very angry when reading this, because they still believe in the mainstream media, and they will continue to believe in it. However, I, Archangel Michael, am here stating my truth, which I observe from a vantage point.

Beloveds, know this: We, in Spirit, see and know each and everyone of you. And we love each and everyone of you. We do not judge any of you. You are all in your individual journeys, that you decided with your Soul/OverSoul/Yourself, before coming to Planet Earth. So, where do I reside, as Archangel Michael? Everywhere. With you. In you. Around you. In the Void, Vortex, Zero Point, Existence, The Quantum Field, Spirit, Heaven.

And Beloveds, we in Spirit are in Oneness with the Creator/God. Therefore, God has never been an old white man with a long white beard, that has been depicted by your religions. It was an unfortunate misinterpretation of Master Yeshua’s metaphorical speeches, when he referred to ‘His Father!’ “My Father In Heaven.” He spoke in metaphors that were not understood in the way He intended! And are still not understood, unfortunately. The ‘heaven’ He spoke of, is The Quantum Field, Beloveds. And the quantum field is all around you and in you.

You have already heard this, and been told, to focus on happiness, joy, gratitude. This is because your bodies, in every moment, emanate energies that help you to create the life and reality you want. And what you want to experience in your reality, will come to you, through your energies that are happy, joyful, grateful, filled with excitement, peaceful. Uplift your vibrations, Beloveds. We in Spirit, want you to enjoy all that you are praying for. However, while we hear you, we cannot practise joy for you. You do that yourself! So, all that you ask for, please act on the simple things that will help you manifest them; your feelings of happiness, feelings of joy, feelings of gratitude, feelings of excitement.

I love you all deeply. Thank you Nomanono for this Moment.

~Archangel Michael

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