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A Moment with Angels and Dragons of Peace and Serenity (17/01/24)

Beautiful Beloved Souls, we come to you in this moment, because we see a great need, for you to go deep within you. To step in and let yourself be embraced, in the peace, tranquility and serenity that you seek. All of these qualities are already within you. They Are Not outside of you.

Choose any part of your body that feels to you, is the space that you can visualise/imagine yourself just laying in and embraced in your own internal peace, tranquility and serenity. You can do this for any length of time, you choose. Just for you, from the Powerful Creator that you are. A space that you call your own Sanctuary. Your Sanctuary is where you can go and immerse yourself in any of the Creator qualities that you choose in any given moment.

By doing this, regularly, you will begin to notice that your outer world is changing for you, as your inner world becomes peaceful, serene and tranquil. Beautiful things and all that you choose to experience, will start to be a true reality in your experiences. The volatility that you have been experiencing and mirroring in your outer world, will be replaced by the positive experiences of your own creation of all that you desire and choose to experience, as you will be creating from a space of peace, serenity and tranquility. You will no longer create from a space of volatility within you.

You will attract easily all that you desire and wish to create, as those things are attracted to the new peaceful, serene and tranquil You!

Should you find this exercise a challenge to do, you can call upon us, Angels and Dragons of Peace and Serenity to surround you in a cloak of our energies, while you practise this for yourself. Soaking in your own natural energies of peace, serenity and tranquility.

Thank you Nomanono for this opportunity.

We love each and everyone of you.

We are the Angels and Dragons of Peace and Serenity.

~ Angels and Dragons of Peace and Serenity.

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