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A Moment with Adama (15/01/23)

Beloved Beings of Love, I greet you with my pure love and appreciation of who you are. I thank this young one, Nomanono for allowing me and giving me an opportunity to be with you, energetically.

Who is Adama? I am the Pleiadian who came to Earth to help bring consciousness to humanity. After our civilisation became enlightened, having been guided, gently, from the darkness of unconsciousness, millions of your earth years ago, by the Arcturian Civilisation,

it was our turn to help a new planet. And that planet was Earth. I am the only one still on earth, after many thousands of years. I live in Mount Shasta, California; in the city of Telos. This is a city that is underneath Mt Shasta, but not a physical city like you are used to, in your cities. There are plenty of Telosians here. I chose to remain on earth until the Earth civilisation is totally and completely enlightened, and all of you, are ready to replicate what the Pleiades did, following on the footsteps of the Arcturians.

Today, in this moment I come with reassurance, that even though at this present time, you are facing and have faced a lot of challenges, you will rise above the low vibrations, and be the enlightened civilisation, that will move on to help with the creation of new planets. Even if you transition from this lifetime, I assure you, Beloved, you will gladly be back here on earth because you will need to complete your mission here; of enlightening this planet.

When you volunteered to be here on earth, it was for creating a new planet, and that meant going deep into unconsciousness, in order to rise and be the brilliant shining lights that continually emanate love, and be this until each and everyone of you is enlightened, emanating frequencies of the highest, so that you are all in your light bodies. At that point, I, Adama, will decide whether to stay with you in your new mission of assisting in the creation and support of a new planet or not.

Unfortunately, there is no longer a Pleiadian planet. All our people are in Light Bodies because, when we became so advanced, technologically, we chose to play with nuclear weapons and in ignorance, we blew up the entire Pleiadian Civilisation/Planet. This is the reason now, that, here on earth, we are doing our very best, to stop anyone using nuclear weapons! Or starting a nuclear war. This is why there hasn’t been any successful attempts for nuclear war, here, because our planet’s demise was a huge lesson.

You are doing a lot of good work for the planet. I urge you to continue focusing on what you have heard many times, already, because it is the only way for you: joy, gratitude, excited, happiness! These qualities help you rise above all the challenges. And focusing on you at this time, loving yourself, is more important than it has been, Beloveds. And I want to confirm and emphasise what Alcazar has already said: Love Yourself More Than Anyone Else! Let that be your priority!

If you don’t know how to love yourself, because you have believed in loving someone else,more than you love yourself, call upon Adama and Beings of Telos, to come and help you during your sleep. And keep asking us just before your sleep time, until you feel and know that you love yourself!

I love each and everyone of you, deeply. I am Adama, the Pleiadian who lives in the City of Telos.

~ Adama

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