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A Moment of Affirmations for My Self-Love (21/02/24)

I Am Love in All Its Truths

I Am the Energy Of Fulfilment

I Love Myself Unconditionally

I Am deeply grateful for who I Am

I Am deeply grateful for who I Am becoming

I Am Abundant in many ways

I Am Abundant on All Levels

I Am divine magic embodiment

I Am miraculous

Merlin, embrace me with your blue magic cloak

I Am miraculous and magical

I Am my love embodiment

I Am fulfilment energy embodiment

The love that I Am, is healing me completely now

I Am being healed and transformed!

Thank you my Guides and My Ancestors for loving me.

I am blessed and deeply grateful

My unconditional self-love is my teacher; so, contemplate this and tell me what love has taught you!

Thank you for these affirmations in this moment.

~ Nomanono

A Moment with Master Yeshua (18/07/24)

Beloved brothers and sisters, I, Master Yeshua, come to you in this moment, to remind you that, most of you walked with me as Love, Kindness and Generosity of Brotherhood and Sisterhood in many of our

A Moment with Lord Maitreya (11/07/24)

Beautiful Beloved Souls, I Lord Maitreya come to you in this moment, sharing my laughter. Joyous emanations of my whole being. There’s nothing better than laughter, that is, deep feelings of laughter


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