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A Moment of Affirmations for My Self-Love (21/02/24)

I Am Love in All Its Truths

I Am the Energy Of Fulfilment

I Love Myself Unconditionally

I Am deeply grateful for who I Am

I Am deeply grateful for who I Am becoming

I Am Abundant in many ways

I Am Abundant on All Levels

I Am divine magic embodiment

I Am miraculous

Merlin, embrace me with your blue magic cloak

I Am miraculous and magical

I Am my love embodiment

I Am fulfilment energy embodiment

The love that I Am, is healing me completely now

I Am being healed and transformed!

Thank you my Guides and My Ancestors for loving me.

I am blessed and deeply grateful

My unconditional self-love is my teacher; so, contemplate this and tell me what love has taught you!

Thank you for these affirmations in this moment.

~ Nomanono

A Moment with Master Yeshua (11/04/24)

Beloved Beautiful Souls. My brothers and sisters; I, Master Yeshua, come in this moment, answering a call for help from this one, Nomanono. It is a call that is universal, something that is universall


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