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A Special, Urgent Request Moment with St Germain and Master Yeshua (23/10/23)

Beloved Beautiful Souls, we, St Germain and Master Yeshua come to you, with a request that is simple and easy for you to do.

You are all carriers of the Divine Light from the Source of Creation. You are all Divine Lights.

The time is here Now, for you, to use your light, to Stop ALL the wars that are happening. There is one war that you know of that you have been told about. Yet, there are more than twenty wars that are currently happening around the planet.

These wars are deliberately designed by those who want to hold on to a world where you continue being enslaved. Believing lies. These wars are targeting innocent people. They are wars to eliminate humanity on a massive scale.

So, this is what we request you to do:

From within your body, that is naturally a Light Of Source, the Divine Being/Person that you are, and have always been, make an intention (just ask your light/your soul) to use this light that you are, as a powerful Sword of Light. Ask your Sword of Light that you are, to go to all areas of the Earth, cutting down, destroying and containing All Evil Intentions.

And please Know that, I, St Germain and Master Yeshua and many others from the inner planes and Galaxies of LOVE, are with you.

Also know that, we are aware of the lies that have been told about most of us, that we are the dark forces in the planet. We are Not but come in Love. The lies that have been told, are to keep humanity divided and in fear.

Do Not GO into Fear! I, Master Yeshua, come to you, with a broken heart, and this is very difficult for me to express what I mean about a broken heart. This is because, of the war that is happening in the land of Palestine/Israel. These are my brothers and sisters, fighting and being killed because of the agenda to create Jerusalem as the headquarters of the New World Order, the old programme that has been planned over centuries.

I, Master Yeshua, am hurting, and allowing myself to hurt in order to let this out of my system. Yes, I have known all along that this was coming, however, when I now see, the elimination of one group of my brothers and sisters by another group of my brothers and sisters, this becomes very heavy to bear.

And yet, I know all the processes that I have kept teaching. Yes, to keep your vibrations high. And not allowing yourself to be brought down by what you see.

I have just now shared with you, moments when I have been overwhelmed, by the human deeds of evil, and yet, I know very well that LOVE IS ALREADY WINNING. Which is the reason that, St Germain and myself, Master Yeshua are coming to you in this moment, asking you for your contribution, that you chose to be part of, long before you were born.

You chose to come here on Earth to be The Light that You Are, and we are now asking you, to use this light. Yes, you are divine. You have the power to stop all these wars that are happening. You don’t need to know where the other wars are; just use your light, as your sword that cuts through the intentions of evil, bringing love, healing, togetherness and kindness to one another. No more taking sides in wars because you are ALL One. You all are here as the Love warriors, boots on the ground.

We salute you for your presence here, changing what is the last stand of the evil doers, who are just out there, using humans as their shields and some form of showing their agenda to keep controlling humanity.

This agenda is Not winning. It is losing its grip on you, already. Now, we are giving you the tools that will support and sustain the New Earth that has already been activated.

Your GodSelf/Soul/Higher Self is with you all the way in doing this. This is why you are here.

We, Masters Yeshua, and St Germain, ask you to do this sending of your Sword Light, that is within you, the GodLight, that you are. Some of you, are used to asking God that is outside of you! First and foremost, Beloved Souls, You Are The God/Creator that you seek!

This Is your time and in the process, play with this. Let yourself have fun, becoming the Light That You Are. The powerful sword of love. The light that you are is LOVE. You are Love even if you don’t think so and feel so.

Feel Powerful, taking your Power back and using it so beautifully, saving your fellow humans, wherever they may be; because we are already One.

If you were to wake up one morning, remembering all your past lives, that you have temporarily forgotten, you would laugh, seeing who you truly are. Who your neighbours are.

What connections you have with everyone that you know and those who you think that are strangers. Your many connected ancestors that you have had in different lifetimes. You see, the connection of all of us?

We are already ONE! We have been deliberately separated because of greed, brainwashing us, controlling us through various forms of manipulation and corruption.

Thank you Nomanono for this opportunity.

We love each and everyone of you very deeply.

We are St Germain and Master Yeshua.

~ St Germain and Master Yeshua

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