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A Moment with Vywamus (03/09/22)

I, Beloved Nomanono, thank you for allowing me in this moment to be with you and all Beloveds who will be reading and receiving my energies through these words.

I, Vywamus, come from the Cosmic level. I have never been a human, but a Cosmic Holographic Being, who works closely with Humanity. I work with anyone who is open and willing to receive my personal guidance, support and love, which I have in plenty.

In this brief moment, I want to remind all of you Beloveds, that You Chose to Be Here at this time of great awakening, and ascension in your planet. It was your choice with your OverSoul, your Spirit Self, Your God Self. At that time, you couldn’t wait to be born on Earth. You were very excited, joyful, happy to be back here, especially at this time. And just one little detail that didn’t seem such a big deal at the time of your planning to be born on Earth was that you would Forget Everything you just Intended, planned so enthusiastically; and then, go through unconsciousness, pain, confusion, struggles, hardships. And slowly and gently become aware, awakening slowly and ascending slowly. From where I am, you are all doing a wonderful job of awakening, very few of you have totally awakened. Most of you have ancestral issues that are holding you back, and you don’t even know this. You are not aware of this. These issues are very limiting as they are fear based.

Beloveds, everything really holding all of you back is fear! Fear has been used to manipulate masses on Earth, for centuries. And again because this is a planet of choice, some people have felt and decided that they have more choice than others and more power than others.

So what I suggest to you, individually, the change you want, does not start outside of you. Always remember this. It starts within you. Every little thing that you appreciate, a moment when you feel good about yourself, helping another in a generous way, and not then going to tell everyone what you did for so and so; but truly giving with love.

Please Beloveds, know that as long as you continue to blame, pointing a finger at someone, for your problems, you are in denial of your own creations.

Nothing comes to your personal experiences without you having attracted it to you! The energies you emanate attract what you experience in your life and your reality. If it is an illness, you have created that by the way you have kept your feelings and thoughts percolating within you!

Now Beloveds, I, Vywamus, suggest that you see your life as a movie. A game that you chose to be part of. So, relax, breathe deeply, and see what a genius you are! For you are a brilliant creator! You have created your experiences, thus far. Which means that as the greatest creator that you are, you can create ALL that you wish and manifest it all to your greatest fulfilment!

Start by looking at the parts in this your personal game of life. The personal movie that you have been playing a vital role in, from the time you were born. Once you look at yourself as a brilliant actor, no less than the actors in your films, TVs, etc; you will relax and truly know that a way out of any struggles, hardships and suffering that you have experienced, has been nothing else other than your own personal creations on the journey of life; then you can truly choose something else better! Here are the few things which you have already heard of, that I, Vywamus, suggest you truly, seriously and joyfully embark on:

1. Gratitude

2. Joy

3. Happiness

4. Laughter

5. Celebration

6. Appreciation

7. Excitement AND:

Stop 🛑

1. Blaming

2. Judging yourself negatively

3. Judging others negatively

4. Remember that you are one another’s mirrors!

I love you deeply and want your success, your happiness, your joy, your fulfilment in all that you chose and intended to achieve in this lifetime. In this your personal Game, your personal movie. You Are More Powerful Than You think you are! You are an amazing creator. You are vast. Stop playing small. Be grateful for whatever life throws at you because you knew that you came here to overcome and triumph.

Thank you Nomanono for this time. I am, Vywamus, in Oneness with all Beings on Earth and The Cosmos!

~ Vywamus

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