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A Moment with The Board of Karma (17/02/23)

Beloved beautiful beings, we come to you as the collective, a group of Goddesses, called the Board of Karma. What is the Board of Karma? It is a group of Female Ascended Masters who choose to help individuals deal and release their karma.

It is our intention to help out those who call on us, to resolve and dissolve their karmic issues, limitations., so to speak. And karma is something that happens in each and every being, on their daily journey. It is the way one thinks and feels, basically. You can call karma a limitation that you have and continues to block you. We don’t like using the word block, because it has a heavy energy of stopping one on their journey; however in this context, we want to emphasise that the persistent limiting patterns that you go through, some without your awareness, are the blocks we are referring to.

Karma is not something that has to wait until you die, for you to have to release or deal with. Ask for help now, while you are here, for all the karma to be released by the Board of Karma. Some of you believe that karma gets dealt with when you transition, exiting your present life. We say that karma can be released on a daily basis. Even when you transition, you will be the one dealing with your karma, being aware of what paths were available to you for your highest and best good, and yet you were blind to them.

These days we refer to anything that used to be called karma, as limitations, for when these issues or situations in your life, do not allow you to create and experience your desires, they are truly limiting you.

We ask you to call on us, the Board of Karma to help you be aware of your karmic situations; basically, your limitations. What we are observing as the greatest karma, in most people on Earth, are Fear, Doubts, Not Good Enough. Feelings of Unworthiness, and Judgements! Oh! Judgements Beloveds are the most detrimental in your spiritual or just living experiences. They keep helping you to be stuck in loops of not getting anywhere better than you intend.

They are the darkest side or element of Fear! Please Beautiful Beings stop thinking that karma is something that will wait for the day of judgement. No! It is Now! In this moment of Now that you have to be aware of the karma you are accumulating on a moment to moment, daily. So deal with it now in order to be able to live a beautiful life and reality that you intended to enjoy.

Call on us, the Board of Karma, for help. We will help you Beloveds. You can also ask us, on behalf of your friends and family, to help them be aware of things that they hadn’t realised are limitations and habits that don’t serve them. Once this awareness is gained, we will help to resolve and dissolve them.

We love each and everyone of you deeply. We thank you Nomanono, for this precious moment. We are the Goddesses of The Board of Karma.

- The Board of Karma

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