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A Moment with Mother Mary (05/07/23)

Beautiful children of mine, I come to you in this moment, because I love you and see how some of you are dealing with very tough ancestral issues. I pour my unlimited energy of love, Beloveds, to you, as an individual, and I pour my pure love in this moment, to each and everyone of your ancestral lineages. The ancestral situations that you are in, are centuries old. They are situations that happened at the height of unconsciousness by humanity.

However, here I am now, as Mother Mary, coming to soothe, iron out, cleanse and purify each and every ancestral lineage that has been affected in a very painful and dark manner with dark intentions of those who were the instigators of harming your ancestral lineages. Most of these unkind intentions, came from deep jealousies. At that time there was a lot of competition. There were very few people who truly appreciated and supported someone else’s success. It was a question of: “I am going to get better than him or her, and if I can’t, then I will find another way to bring this person down.”

Beloveds, do not be surprised that I, Mother Mary am talking in this way. This is the time that a lot of you are helped, truly, by Me, your Mother, for I have the knowledge of these things because I have also lived in duality. And I have now, seen everything that humanity is capable of. Both good and not good. I see generations after generations, in the same family lineage, going through the struggles that their ancestors endured.

I see the family conflicts and the separation within the families. And I say to you, for I know who is caught up in this web of dealing with ancestral issues, be at peace now, with the knowing that I, Mother Mary, am here now, cleansing, purifying, healing and loving each and everyone of you and your many relatives, ancestors in the inner planes and those that are still here on earth. I have you in my heart, mind and care. I know who you are. I know the conflicts that you are witnessing and the hopelessness that you are feeling. I love you. Some situations will heal instantly, while others will take a while to show a tangible change. I ask you to Not lose hope, but trust that you are being helped.

I am known, as The Queen of Angels. So is Mary Magdalene. Right now I am enlisting her powerful support and action in dealing with the darkness of the past. Most of you that are affected by these seemingly endless challenges of ancestral issues, came here believing that you were going to help heal your Ancestral wounds, however, it hasn’t been easy. You did the best you could. Do not doubt yourself and yes, some of you are here to help bring peace, love, unity and harmony amongst your relatives.

Do not give up beloveds because you have just made a big shift, by calling for help. Thank you for your prayers. We heard them. We hear all your prayers, at all times. Just trust now, that everything is going to be alright. You are going to witness changes that will make you feel good and very happy. You will feel a huge load lift off your shoulders. Mary Magdalene and I, are supported by the many Angels. So, please sit back and know that you are being taken care of and that your ancestors are also being taken care of. There’s already jubilation in the inner planes because of my words and intentions.

Thank you Nomanono for this opportunity to express my sincere feelings. I love each and everyone of you.

I am Mother Mary. I thank you.

~ Mother Mary

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