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A Moment with Lord Buddha (05/11/22)

Beloved wonderful beings of the Earth, I, Lord Buddha, come to you at this moment, with deep love and appreciation for each one of you, seekers of the truth, that is God, The Creator! I have walked in your shoes, on Earth, in many different lives. I truly understand the struggles, limitations, hardships, that every seeker, has, at some time or another, experienced.

Have heart for yourselves, Beloveds, for you are truly doing a magnificent job. You are amazingly surprising the Inner Plains all the time, and we are always excitedly looking forward to seeing your beautiful loving minds and hearts. You are also getting to understand that it is better in Oneness than in Separation! We applaud you for this.

I, Lord Buddha, am the overseer of the Planetary Levels, and therefore, I am best placed for knowing the truth of what is happening in the planet.

You are, through adversity, rising up beyond expectations! I truly thank you, with all my whole being. You are making us very proud, that we also, before we became enlightened, walked the routes you are all on. So I say, please keep going. Have the unification intentions. And United, you are a great force. I want to request that you consider seeing yourselves Not as Lightworkers anymore. But Beings of Oneness.

Lightwork will always attract the Darkness. Polarity at work, or Duality, you see. Whereas Oneness doesn’t attract Darkness, but Very Powerful just as Oneness! Therefore, powerful against any attempts to separate you. You are each born as Love. The love that I am, is the love that you are. We are not separate. We are one.

I love you all. And I thank you Nomanono for this beautiful moment.

I am Lord Buddha. Gautama Buddha.

~ Lord Buddha

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