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A Moment with Goddess Isis (24/08/23)

Dear Beloved Souls of this beautiful planet, my Sister Goddess Gaia. I come to you in this moment with my deepest love as well as my deepest sympathies for those of you who have witnessed, the ravages that are man made, tearing this beautiful planet. But beloveds, I have good news, that these happenings are only helping with the rapid rising of planet Earth. My Beloved Sister Gaia, is a very powerful being, allowing all these things to happen in order for the rapid transformation, not only of the Earth, but of each one of you; the souls occupying the planet. You are not here by mistake. You are here by your own choice and design.

When you come to the realisation that these situations of chaos, upheaval, and destruction, are only here really to make you think and believe the narrative that has been planned and given to all of you, to believe in the untruths, paraded as truths; you are very awake and nothing is going to frighten you anymore. And fear is at the root of all that is happening. To make people fearful, thereby shrinking into the shells that can easily be manipulated and controlled.

Once you see with your heart that you didn’t come here to play small, but you chose to be here at this very time, because you are Fearless and You are Constantly in Peace and at Peace; You have won! And you continue to win. For your battle in Not out there, but in yourself. In the vast heart that you are! The vast love that you are. The amazing compassion that you hold. For, beloveds, all the qualities that are the opposite of fear, are all within you. Just as the quality of fear was placed on you, together with amnesia. Amnesia of who you truly are. Where you came from, where you lived before you volunteered and were chosen to come to Earth.

Some of you were Commanders of Spaceships before choosing to go into deep amnesia and unconsciousness, here on Earth. And amnesia, is what you signed up to, in order to start playing the game. The game of illusions of planet Earth, that are so many. You agreed in order to test yourself and fulfil your mission. Your mission of helping come together with various beings from many different galaxies, of the universe of the Creator/God. To be in Oneness with everyone.

Once you realise that even your daily existence that you take so seriously, is part of the game of Illusions in this beautiful planet, you will not be fearful anymore, but you will thrive! You will have the inner strength, inner peace, inner beauty that shines through and illuminate the entire planet, which is what your original intention was, to illuminate and raise, with your consciousness, planet Earth to higher dimensions, away from the density of 3D. While you will physically remain here, the frequencies of this planet, will be raised, by each and everyone of you beautiful beloveds. And you are already doing this.

Through your acceptance of who you truly are. The vast, noble beings that you are.

Opening your hearts to loving yourselves and deeply loving your Mother Gaia. Because this is what you are here for. By opening your hearts and loving yourselves, you are totally and completely changing this planet, and helping it ascend, in its own intention, of being a school, playing fields, and university, for letting it rise beyond its own intentions.

I love you beloveds, and I ask you to stay in your open hearts. In your inner peace. In your love of self. In your joy. In your deep gratitude. In your happiness. No matter what is happening in your reality. Focus on these qualities, and you will not go wrong. You did not come here to stay small. You did not come here to shrink into a fearful state. You came here to be the greatest version of yourself. You came here to realise how powerful and amazing you are. That all the things that are meant to frighten, they are Not Frightening you anymore.

You have learnt very fast about the art of being manipulated, the art of coercion. You are now wiser and happy just being the Love, the Peace, the Joy, the Deep Gratitude. And you are flying with excitement because you know that you are contributing into the rise of Mother/Goddess Gaia/Mother Earth.

Thank you Nomanono for this special moment for me.

I am Goddess Isis and I thank you.

~ Goddess Isis

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